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Where’s Her Bump? #RHOA Fans Call Out Kenya Moore For Faking Pregnancy!

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Kenya Moore and alleged hubby, Marc Daly, enjoyed a Tuesday date night at a local golf hotspot — sharing a snippet of the fun on social media.

Viewers wasted no time pouncing on the Real Housewives of Atlanta star — pointing out two missing pieces of the romantic puzzle.

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rocked a tight all-white ensemble in an Instagram photo she captioned “#DateNight with bae.” She edited the caption after comments began flooding in, adding — (Bae’s ring is on the table thank you for asking). 

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ring isn’t the only thing seemingly missing in the photo. Kenya’s pose appears to be popped to hide a baby bump — or perhaps, a lack thereof.

Kenya, 47, dropped her pregnancy bomb during the RHOA reunion taping — later clarifying that a surrogate was not in the mix. The timing would point to Kenya edging towards her second trimester — so why hide a blossoming reminder of a dream come true?

Fans pointed out the obvious in a lively comment section. 

“Where’s her bump tho?”

“She not pregnant?”

“Where is her baby bump? And who takes off a ring to play golf? Also who is checking for them?”

“Looking for the bump, nope I don’t see it. No baby.”

“I zoomed in to look at the belly. Congrats, it’s a burger.”

“Why she making excuses we ain’t ask for and she said she was pregnant on the reunion. Where the bump sis..”

“lmaoo sb said we not worried about your ring where ur baby bump”

*Nene voice* “Ain’t you pregnant, girl?”

“We looking for baby bump where did it go..”

“Lmbo! We were looking for that belly girl not that ring”

Fans also weighed in on Daly’s ringless finger — prompting Kenya to update the caption with an explanation.

“Okay so either….the ring doesn’t exist ( respectable married men never take their ring off) orrrrr their “marriage” don’t exist. As a couple you decide if the both of you should or should not wear rings.” 

“Naw that ring ain’t on no table ?…. she must think ppl stupid”

“Too much to prove”

“She should not have mentioned it. And she should’ve had a better excuse for him not having it on.”

“I thought they were married. Bae instead of hubby?”

“Nobody cares bout his ring but since you brought it up, wtf is the ring sitting on a table anyway”

“He always looks like a deer caught in headlights…lol… And she is always cheesin!!!”

“Nobody takes they wedding ring off to play golf to place it on a table”

“Mhm lol why ya ring on the table …but whatever…settle for anything just to say u got a man”

“She be so damn extra all the time, lying all the time, everything she say be a lie lok, anything for attention in her case”


“She always looks like she’s assaulting him for a pic. He never looks like he agrees to take the pic!”

What do you think? Will Kenya’s story continue to bloom — or will she be busted as a Bravo fake? Sound off in the comments!


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