Bravo Fines Kelly Dodd For Spilling #RHOC Storylines & Attacking Vicki Gunvalson!

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Real Housewives of Orange County star, Kelly Dodd, landed in hot water with Bravo bigwigs, after a loose-lipped appearance on Jeff Lewis’ radio show, Jeff Lewis Live.

Kelly sounded off on the Flipping Out star’s May 4th broadcast — labeling co-star, Vicki Gunvalson, “a backstabbing bitch.” Kelly also dropped hints about the upcoming season, and confirmed that fans can expect new faces on the cast. Jeff later revealed that Kelly had blabbed too much — and had been financially spanked by Bravo.

“We want to extend a very sincere apology to Bravo and to Kelly Dodd, because apparently last week Kelly Dodd was on our show and upset a few people at Bravo,” Jeff dished to former Bravoleb, Lea Black, on his May 11th show. “She was reprimanded and apparently fined.”

Jeff threw his own shade at Vicki, as he explained what had gone down.

“Apparently, the big thing that I think got their attention was Kelly had referred to Vicki last week on our show as a backstabbing b*tch which honestly is kind of accurate,” Jeff snitched. “But nevertheless from what I understand, there was a fine imposed. I don’t know the specifics. But apparently if you call out your fellow [cast-mate] in a public arena and you say things negatively, you are reprimanded by Bravo and subsequently fined, it sounds like.”

Jeff pointed to a similar scenario, which occurred during the last season of RHOC — after Vicki became mixed up with rumors about Eddie Judge’s sexuality. Jeff tagged Vicki as the cast tattletale, who likely blew the whistle on Kelly. 

“As you know, Tamra Judge was fined. From what I understand, she went after Vicki on social media,” Jeff said.

“I think Vicki turned Tamra in. And I think Vicki turned Kelly in this week. That is my guess,” Jeff remarked.

Jeff turned it up a notch, and spilled that he had also been stung by Vicki’s legal stinger.

“Well let me tell you how I know she did. Because remember when I made the mistake on this radio show when I said she should be fired and I apologized to her via text, she had her attorney call me and they demanded a public apology,” Jeff revealed.

Jeff also shared that his interview with Kelly triggered Bravo to shut down any Housewives interviews he had in his queue — unless the show is currently airing. This development could put his impending sit-down with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kyle Richards, on the chopping block.

Kelly took to Twitter to crow about Bravo’s injustice, on Saturday, alleging that Vicki’s boyfriend was the one who spilled the beans.

Jeff’s radio show airs Fridays on Radio Andy XM. The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently filming.


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