#SouthernCharm Recap: Naomi Apologizes For Embarrassing Attack on Peyton!

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The Charmers are warming up for another go-round, when Cameran opens the episode with a high uterine alert. Cameran lets her hubby know that they might be facing an induction, due to her hopelessly clenched cervix. We shift gears and join Kathryn, who’s speaking to the owner of local boutique, Gwynn’s, evidently ready to give employment a whirl. Kathryn is granted an interview, the owner kindly giving Kathryn a shot at a non-existent job opening.

Meanwhile, Naomie is chattering French at her family’s new restaurant — Nico — conversing with the staff about a pre-opening tasting event. Across the street, Austen meets up with Craig — keeping his work day cranking at a local eatery. The duo discusses Naomie’s latest freak-out, while Naomie fills her father in on her nasty lash-out at Peyton. Her father points out that he didn’t raise a bitch, but Naomie knows what she knows, and such intentional flirting simply won’t stand. Her father encourages her to apologize and respect all people, even Craig’s groupies. Naomie phones Austen and invites him to the tasting, and Craig  snarks out a delicious  request to bring the unicorn as a date. Naomie grimaces through sharing a lukewarm wish to apologize for wrecking the social-climber’s Halloween. Austen and Craig approve, and Austen promises to send along Peyton’s contact info.

Austen is taking baby steps toward professional relevance, and is on his way to meet with a brewmaster, to get the beer-making ball rolling. Austen banters with the pro, deciding to go fruity — a perfect match for the beach, boating, and bumming around in the winter. They agree to do a test batch, and see how it goes.

Shep and Cameran meet up for lunch, and because the baby is reluctant to make her debut, Cameran convinces Shep to slam his car over a cobblestone street, to jolt the baby loose. The scene is bumpy — but mighty cute. Cameran uses the sit-down occasion to deliver one last pre-labor lecture, encouraging Shep to grow the heck up already. Shep isn’t up for it, so Cameran concludes that Shep is more of a banger, than a potential husband.

Craig pays a visit to Patricia and her fur babies next, quickly revealing that a life coach is helping him shed all blonde “toxicity.” Patricia offers an opportunity for Craig to design a specialized pillow, to fit in with her fugly caftan line. Craig brands himself an “upcoming designer/artist,” and is excited for the opportunity. He’s not sure if he’ll go dog or cat, and wonders how one portrays animals whooping it up. Patricia advises him to allow inspiration to be his guide.

Kathryn arrives at Gwynn’s — ready to sell her “creative whatever” in order to score a job. She sits down with co-owners, Marshall and Madison, and nervously stammers out a whole lot of nothing. Marshall asks how she handles stress, and Kathryn panics, excusing herself to conceal her answer. Madison leads her into one decent response, so the retail duo agrees to cling to that, if they decide that a Bravoleb is worth the trouble.

The weekly air-cut scene is next, and this time, Shep is in Chelsea’s chair. Chelsea gets busy combing and air-snipping, while she interrogates Shep about the controversial Peyton factor. Shep would place Peyton with Craig, because Austen is a full-time man-whore.

The restaurant event is set to take off, and we take a moment to check in with Thomas and Ashley, who are busy getting ready. The couple is excited for date night, but Ashley is a little nervous, after offering to include Kathryn in the children’s Halloween plans.

The cast trickles into the lovely restaurant, and Cameran looks ready to blow. Thomas strangely darts French flirty eyes at Kathryn, while Ashley looks on nervously. The fate of Chelsea’s heart continues to be hotly debated — will she give Shep another shot, or settle for the beer-swilling cheapskate? Chelsea rats out Shep’s tawdry tattle to Austen, who takes the gossip under advisement. Peyton arrives, and Naomie forces herself to initiate a private convo. Naomie apologizes for being a snarling she-wolf, owning up to the jealous attack. She backtracks on her nasty comments, and Peyton is understanding, agreeing that love hurts. Peyton forgives her, and Naomie admits that she’s far from over the pillow-maker.

The tasting begins, and everything looks magnifique. Peyton and Chelsea flank Austen — Chelsea continuing her mixed message shtick. Thomas and Ashley share a table-side smooch, and Kathryn twitches a cringe, claiming not to be fazed. Kathryn and Shep take a private moment to reminisce about the good ol’ days of Season 1, while Austen rants about Shep’s loose rat-lips. Shep returns, and Austen delivers his indignant comeback. Whitney, working to grab little camera time, annoyingly translates from the side. Austen tries to swoop Chelsea away from the madness, but she turns him down flat. 

Another new girl hits the scene next week, and Thomas and Kathryn chat about what might have been.


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