#RHONY RECAP: Ramona Singer Invites Tom’s Old Fling & Luann de Lesseps to Same Party!

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner on The Real Housewives of New York, but the holiday spirit is not particularly in the air. We join Ramona as she shops alone at Sur La Table, complains about her dating life and brags about her daughter. Ramona then calls Dorinda and tells her she’s hosting a very exclusive holiday shopping event for kitchen accessories but won’t say when. Dorinda must wait for the evite. In the meantime, Ramona has decided to invite Sonja, though she should consider herself lucky.

Up next we are at Bethenny’s new Soho apartment. Sonja stops by for a tour and a pep-talk. The size of the master closet makes Sonja pee with envy. They talk about what’s going on with the girls. Sonja says Ramona didn’t feel her pain like the prison bitch she is and this makes her a sociopath because obviously. As for Tinsley, Bethenny tells Sonja it’s not her place to count what money Tinsley does or doesn’t have. Sonja is upset that Tinsley gave Bethenny $10K for her charity and only gave her a $5K gift card. Sonja is thinking of giving the gift card back and Bethenny tells her now she’s talking crazy.

The new bff’s, Tinsley and Carole are shopping for clothes. Tinsley is a nervous wreck about going to Chicago this weekend to see Scott. She hopes to be reinstated as his girlfriend because she really misses his money company. Tinsley asks Carole about her status with Adam. Carole calls it a “nice rhythm.” She explains they aren’t dating, they aren’t allowed to date other people, and they definitely aren’t friends with benefits. Basically they are fizzling out like a dying star.

Bethenny is at a photoshoot for her new denim line she’s obsessed with. She blabs on and on about her apartment that’s ready to sell but she’s taking her time and decided to rent it out first because…no one cares.

Luann is apartment shopping with Dorinda and stops by a great bargain that’s only $4.2 million. Luann says it’s too much money big and she’s looking for something cheaper smaller. Her realtor friend says she’ll make a call. This gives Luann and Dorinda time to trash Sonja. Dorinda explains that thanks to Ramona, she didn’t clock Sonja in The Hamptons, because once again, death trumps divorce. Luann says she feels sorry for Sonja. Save it Lu. It could be you someday that people feel sorry for. Dorinda compares Sonja to a rattlesnake and recommends that she be shaken hard by the tail so she won’t bite. That sounds a little like projecting, don’t you think?

The following afternoon, Carole and Luann meet for finger sandwiches and a side of “uncomfortable energy.” Carole is tired of always dreading it when she’s required to be around Luann and wants to feel nothing when she sees her. Luann says of course they can move past this because she’s the biggest queen of denial forgiver and forgetter. Luann is upset that Carole didn’t send her a text about her divorce and Carole is upset that Luann didn’t send her a text about her breakup. They promise to end this tit for tat and move on.

After Tinsley gets all dolled up for Ramona’s shopping party, even hiring a makeup artist, Scott surprises her at her door. He asks if she will leave tonight and go back to Chicago with him. Tinsley falls to the ground and then whines in his arms. You know, typical cool girl stuff. They call Carole, and Tinsley learns she was in on it and not to worry at all about missing Ramona’s party. She’s not.

Over at Bethenny’s house, she and her assistant are so bogged down with saving Puerto Rico, she doesn’t have time to go to Ramona’s party. Bethenny is planning another trip to the island and wants to bring one of the girls, but can’t bring anyone who is high-maintenance. Welp, that just about rules out everyone. But for some reason Bethenny and her assistant decide Dorinda would be perfect because she will be “down and dirty.” Let’s face it, only if the “dirty” is a martini will Dorinda be down with it.

It’s time for Ramona’s shopping party at Henri Bendel. Ramona arrives and the décor is not to her liking so of course she takes over and pulls decorations from other areas, like a holiday hurricane. When Carole arrives, Ramona tells her she is wearing a stylish bathrobe. But Ramona is actually happy for Tinsley when Carole tells her why she can’t be there.

On the way to the airport, Tinsley calls her mom to share the joy of Scott. Her mom asks if Scott will be here for Christmas because she wants to make him a stocking with his beloved dog on it. Turns out, he lost this dog in a breakup with another woman. So? Why can’t the dog be on the stocking? Is Tinsley jealous of a dog?

Back at the party, Missy arrives and Ramona is super excited to see her. For backstory, Missy is Tom’s ex that he continued to see after he met Luann. And of course, in walks Luann. They make pleasant chit-chat about Luann’s darker hair color and move on with the mingling. Carole tells Ramona she’s surprised Missy was invited. Ramona says it’s okay because she invited 60 people. Evidently that’s the cutoff for compassion. Over in a corner, Carole, Luann, and Ramona talk about a safer subject, Sonja, who has not shown up yet. They say there’s a major disconnect going on right now with her. The good news is Sonja is on her way.

Missy and Luann come to the conclusion they weren’t the problem, Tom was the problem. Question is, why’d it take them so long to figure this out? Sonja arrives, ready to face the ladies. Her plan is to talk less. Spoiler alert: her plan fails. Dorinda arrives just as Carole leaves and Luann steps away to let Sonja and Ramona talk it out. It takes a minute but eventually the two start griping. Sonja tells Ramona she never cheated on her husband and Ramona should have stood up for her. Ramona tells Sonja they weren’t hanging out during that time so she doesn’t know what Sonja did.

The two get loud, placing their hands in front of their mouths like megaphones. Sonja yells that Ramona’s not listening and Ramona tells Sonja to calm down, which is weird, because usually it’s the other way around. This is going nowhere. Sonja explains that Dorinda always gets to bring up Richard, so why can’t she bring up her ex? Ramona is done with this conversation. She goes to stand by Luann and Dorinda while Sonja complains to two confused yet sympathetic strangers. Ramona leaves her own party before most of her guests. That leaves Luann to flirt with the young guy that showed up with Missy. What is it with Luann taking Missy’s leftovers?

Tune in next week when Dorinda gets trashed and Bethenny cancels her trip to Puerto Rico. Ay, caramba!


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