RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ The Three Couples Sit Down with the Experts to Reflect on the Romance!

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Welcome to the reunion show of Married at First Sight — one week later. Typically not a lot happens after one week, but no telling with this group. And good news! All three couples have shown up. Ryan and Jaclyn, Jephte and Shawniece, and even Jon and Molly. The couples have gathered to watch flashbacks of what went right and what went wrong.

Speaking of what went wrong, Molly and Jon are on the chopping block first to discuss their tragic eight week marriage. Jon thinks things went south because they couldn’t communicate and Molly thinks it was due to lack of chemistry on her part. Having said that, both are still wearing their wedding rings. After Pastor Cal tells the couple they aren’t required to wear them anymore, Jon can’t get his off fast enough. Shawniece asks if they each think they gave it their best shot. They say yes, but Shawniece isn’t buying it from Molly.

The experts point out that during the wedding, the attraction was there. And it stayed for Jon, but obviously things waned for Molly. So when did she lose that loving feeling? On their honeymoon when Jon was acting like an excited 12 year-old. For shame! Molly says she would have kept trying if Jon would have begged asked, but Jon says he was done being in an abusive relationship.

Next, the experts move the pressure onto Jephte on Shawniece and show flashbacks of the awkward and uncomfortable beginning of their marriage. Jephte says at first his heart wasn’t big for Shawniece, but then it grew as he learned to trust her. He didn’t realize the collateral damage he created by protecting himself so much. Shawniece explains they love differently and when you love someone you’re going to get hurt. Jephte says that’s dumb and gets called out by the experts. Yes! Saying the word dumb to your partner is just plain dumb.

The experts make Jephte and Shawniece turn to each other and say what the best parts of being married are. Jephte is supposed to go first, but he can’t because he lacks spontaneous creativity. Shawniece says she’ll go first and does her ugly cry as she explains that Jephte says they need to do what’s best for their marriage and not anyone else’s. Jephte now wishes he went first, but says Shawniece is sweet, caring, and an amazing person and he now has room in his heart for her.

Onto Ryan and Jaclyn who suffered the most ups and downs in their marriage. Ryan’s favorite memory of the eight week experiment is being adventurous with Jaclyn. Jaclyn’s favorite memory began on their honeymoon when he acted child-like – something we know Molly detests. Then they are asked to describe what makes their partner wonderful. Jaclyn says that Ryan is a funny, sweet, good guy who can be charming when he wants. Ryan says a bunch of stuff, but nothing concrete like her sparkling eyes or bubbly personality.

Flashbacks are then shown of the bad times for Jaclyn and Ryan – and there are a lot – so grab your popcorn because you’ve got time. Dr. Pepper asks what the couples have learned about their fights. Jaclyn has learned not to walk away so soon. Ryan has learned that words can hurt. So why did these two crazy kids decide to stay married? Ryan says he was in the mindset that they would always work it out. Pastor Cal points out that you can only get a perfect person if you yourself are perfect. And ain’t nobody perfect in this group.

The experts discuss the format change this year with the girls and guys meeting prior to and during the marriage for support. Jaclyn and Molly loved it, but Shawniece explained after some point, the girls weren’t able to help because they had their own stuff to deal with. Ryan says he and the boys got off on the wrong foot because they made fun of Jaclyn’s ring size which was 7.5. Jephte loved the guy-time even though their individual struggles were different.

Next they bring in Jon’s bff Megan who was his best-woman at the wedding. The experts ask Megan is she was surprised Molly and Jon opted for divorce. Megan explained she was surprised from the aspect that Molly said there wasn’t any chemistry, when there was plenty at the wedding. Then they talk about the recording Jon made in Florida, and Megan says it takes a lot to push Jon, but when he gets angry, look out. Jon denies trying to set Molly up, he just wanted the experts to see what she wouldn’t show on film. Ryan says it was a low blow and Shawniece and Jephte wisely stay out of it.

Flashbacks are shown of Vermont and New York City and the problems the other couples encountered on their mini-moons. Jephte credits Dr. Pepper for helping them overcome the crazy cornmaze because he was about to check out. And Jaclyn says the Big Apple went from sweet moments to horrendous moments. They also thought it was over.

So they’re talking about the fantasy dates and Molly and Jon look like they want to disappear. Especially since Jon’s streak of never being turned down in a suit ended because of Molly. As for the other’s, the experts recommend continuing date nights, though Jephte is skeptical about another stripper pole in the house. They have their dog Kiki to consider.

The show is running out of things to talk about so they bring out Jephte’s buddy Antonio who talked Jephte off the ledge several times. He says that Jephte’s mom is a loving and strong woman who is finally starting to see that their marriage could be part of God’s plan. Antonio explains that Jephte sleeping on the floor or going to a movie by himself is normal. Then Jephte and Shawniece show off their matching tattoos they got to prove they are 4-real.

So what’s the big important news they’ve been making us wait to find out? First, we have to hear the most important lessons the participants learned through this process. Jaclyn: even in hard times never say hurtful things to the person you care about. Ryan: be honest but not brutally honest. Jon: the level of their focus needed to be on the marriage. Molly: although you need to change, you must want to change. Shawniece: it takes work to make it work and it’s not always even how much each person gives. Jephte: love is a commitment as much as a feeling.

And then it ends. But wait, there’s more. A clip is shown of Shawniece and Jephte three weeks later. Shawniece gives Jephte a gift. He opens it to find baby sneakers. She references baby steps, but then says they can take baby steps together with their new baby. Jephte is speechless, but happy. Shawniece is scared and crying, but not her ugly cry. It’s a soft, pretty cry. They may not have everything figured out right now, but Jephte and Shawniece say they will be good parents.

Season 7 of Married at First Sight will be in Dallas, Texas, where everything is bigger – including people’s issues.


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