RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ Season Finale Couples Decide to Stay Married Or Divorce!

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Welcome to Judgment Day! The couples on Married at First Sight have finally completed the eight week experiment and must choose whether or not to stay married. We pretty much know the end game of one couple, but the other two, Ryan and Jaclyn and Jephte and Shawniece, decisions are still up in the air.

We begin with Molly who feels sad and numb because she already knows she’ll be asking for a divorce. Molly sits with her mom and tells her she’s bummed that Jon thinks she ruined his life. She explains that on paper, Jon checks her boxes, but in reality, Molly wouldn’t let Jon check her boxes. Molly doesn’t blame the experts, she blames herself for not being physically attracted to Jon. But get this, Molly would like to try again with Jon, but knows he’s done. As he should be. That’s just crazy talk on Molly’s part. The fat lady is belting out a tune for these two.

Up next we check in with Shawniece. She wants to stay married and is falling in love with Jephte, but she’s not sure if he’s feeling the same way. Jephte phones a friend to talk about decision day and how fast this experiment went by. Which is good in my book. If it dragged on, that would tell you something. Here’s the thing, Jephte is not in love with Shawniece, yet.

Jon is hiking with his mom. He’s very disappointed because he had such high hopes in the beginning. Jon doesn’t think they can repair the damage and he doesn’t think Molly wants to try again. It’s interesting that each might want to give it another go, but with no sex, who would sign up for another eight weeks? Jon believes he did everything he could in this marriage so it makes the decision to get a divorce easier. Silver lining, right?

Onto Ryan who is visiting his parents for clarity. Ryan says he wants to stay married, but thinks his and Jaclyn’s fights can get out of control. Ryan’s mom explains that women think differently than men and eight weeks isn’t long enough to know if the person is right for you. Ryan believes they were matched for a reason and wants to fight for his marriage. But that’s today. Tomorrow could be a totally different answer.

Jaclyn is meeting up with her bestie Ashley to talk things over. Jaclyn says she’s 50/50 with her decision. The marriage has been a roller-coaster ride and some days she’s having fun and other days she wants to get off and throw up. At this point, Jaclyn is not in love, but thinks love is possible. The thing is, she doesn’t trust Ryan and this makes Jaclyn unsure what to do on decision day.

It’s the night before decision day. Shawniece and Jephte are in the backyard, on a blanket, under the stars and twinkling lights. They exchange gifts. Jephte’s gift to Shawniece is a pair of socks as payback for her earlier gift. He’s funny and that’s important. You need a sense of humor in a marriage. Shawniece’s gift to Jephte is a star registered in their names. Jephte really likes this so he pulls out another gift for Shawniece. It’s lingerie! Remember, he wasn’t into it. The guy is learning and that’s commendable. I always figured Jephte was like a hunk of clay that could be molded into a great husband – halfway through the season.

For Ryan and Jaclyn’s last date before decision day, they’re off to a rough start. Jaclyn has been trying to reach Ryan all day, but he didn’t return her calls. She explains she wants to give it her all, but after today, she’s not sure because Ryan can be so distant. Jaclyn says she’s tired of constantly asking for reassurance. Ryan explains he’s never been married before or had this kind of pressure. Jaclyn says Ryan is doing a really good job of preventing her from falling in love. This is not good. Especially when Ryan denies pushing her away. He says that actions should speak louder than words. Exactly! But Ryan want her to know that he’s a little fishy caught on Jaclyn’s hook. I’m thinking maybe Jaclyn should consider throwing back this little fishy, but that’s just me.

Jephte and Shawniece are in bed talking. Shawniece tells him she’s falling in love. She’s scared and unsure if Jephte’s ever going to reciprocate those feelings, but she’s willing to give him up to five years. Really? How about five months.

Next, Ryan and Jaclyn are in bed talking. Ryan tells her he’s still in and hasn’t run away yet. Wow. Isn’t she lucky? Ryan says that he wants Jaclyn to know that he has her back tomorrow. Jaclyn tells Ryan that no matter what happens, she needs to know his intentions are true. It’s pretty clear, these two don’t know what the hell they’re going to do.

Jon and Molly can’t talk in bed because they aren’t talking or sharing a bed. They each explain in separate testimonials that this is not how they wanted things to end, but don’t have any energy left to fight. There’s a sliver of hope from both sides, but since they aren’t talking to each other, they don’t know it.

It’s decision day! The couples will be making the biggest decision of their lives today. Jephte admits he’s not in love with Shawniece and says he’s not sure if he ever will be. Shawniece is nervous, but all in. The rest is in God’s hands, she says.

Ryan and Jaclyn are definitely on the fence. I think they are more concerned that if they say yes and the other says no, their embarrassment would be greater than the loss of their partner. Both are unsure what they will do.

Jon’s biggest decision today is what shirt to wear – pink or stripes. He goes for the stripes. Molly says there was a time when she thought they’d make it. And then the honeymoon was over, both literally and figuratively.

Flashbacks are shown of each of the couples humble and happy beginnings. Then we are shown the not-so happy times and it’s not pretty.

Here we go! First up is Jon and Molly. They haven’t seen each other in a week and are making small talk. The three experts are in the room. Molly begins with how things started off so great, they used to finish each other’s sentences, but Molly didn’t want to jump Jon’s bones. She apologizes. Don’t worry Molly. Plenty of women will want to. Jon says he feels like he’s said everything and that nothing he says now will make a difference. The experts talk about divorcing with dignity which reminds me of the saying, death with dignity. They ask the couple if they have anything to be grateful for. Molly is grateful that Jon was in it for the right reasons and helped her get out of her comfort zone. Jon says he doesn’t have much to be grateful for. He lost his job over this and he’s now homeless. When Pastor Cal challenges Jon to find one thing to be grateful for, Molly is like, Welcome to my world. Bitch, please. You gave up. Dr. Pepper sticks up for Jon by saying that he’s hurt and it will take time to be grateful that Molly ruined his life.

The experts ask about Florida. Molly says if Florida didn’t happen she wouldn’t have given up. Jon says that at first he found it adorable that Molly knew spells form Harry Potter, but found it troubling that the spell was to kill him. The couple starts giggling and the experts throw their hands in the air, like they don’t care. Finally they ask the question to Molly: Do you want to stay married to Jon or do you want to get a divorce. (Insert suspenseful music while Molly thinks.) Molly says she wants to divorce. They ask Jon the same question, which is ridiculous, and he says he want a divorce, too. Duh. Dr. Pepper hopes that someday they can meet for coffee and hang out as friends. Yeah, that’ll happen.

Next up is Ryan and Jaclyn. Ryan is more confused now than ever. On the car ride over, Jaclyn looks so sad. Why is she waiting on Jon to decide her future? She needs to decide. The couple arrives and sits down with the experts. They ask what the couples have learned about themselves. Ryan says he’s learned he can be a jerk to have more respect for Jaclyn. Dr. Pepper asks a question, but as Jaclyn tries to answer it, Ryan cuts her off and keeps talking and talking and talking. Obviously he’s not learned to be a good listener.

Jaclyn is then given permission to speak and says she hopes they can fight less in the future, but Ryan doesn’t let things go, so she’s worried about that. The experts start with Ryan. Does he want to stay married or does he want to get divorced. Ryan begins by saying that he was happy to meet Jaclyn and get to know her. Just as I’m thinking this is a kiss-off, Ryan says he wants to stay married. Next, they ask Jaclyn the same thing. Jaclyn says it’s tough because living with Ryan is not easy. But then she says yes! Jaclyn tells Ryan she has been slowly falling in love. The experts breathe a sigh of relief that at least one match is sticking.

And finally it’s Shawniece and Jephte’s turn. The fact that they’ve saved them for last gives me pause. I think they’ll both say yes. I mean, why not say yes. You can always get a divorce later, but Jephte is concerned that he’s settling. Shawniece feels good with her decision, but is worried about Jephte. He tends to focus on the negative and this bugs her. Bugs me too.

Shawniece tells the experts she’s more nervous today than her wedding day. And that’s unfortunate. Jephte says he really likes Shawniece, but they had sex sooner than he wanted to. His biggest fear is that he won’t fall in love. Shawniece says this is a red flag. Ya think? It’s a red flag on fire. So the experts ask the question, beginning with Jephte. He says that Shawniece is a great person with a big heart. Jephte then says he thinks they were made for each other. Yes! He wants to stay married. But don’t go celebrating just yet. When they ask Shawniece the same question, she does her ugly cry. She hesitates, then says she’s been praying about it a lot. And just as I’m thinking this is going to go sideways, Shawniece says yes. Whew. I was getting a little concerned and so were the experts.

There’s a song called, Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad, and I think it applies here. Tune in next week for Married at First Sight reunion. Jephte and Shawniece have exciting news to share. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


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