RECAP: Kim Zolciak Claims Racism ‘Wasn’t Real’ and Is Magnified by Social Media on #RHOAReunion!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 reunion concluded its three-part installment Sunday night with Kim Zolciak-Biermann in the hot seat. The episode can be summed as, “Roll the videotape” as Kim’s heinous lies were exposed all night, then she played victim and people called her out. 

The episode kicked off with NeNe Leakes and Kim battling over illegal parking in a handicapped spot. The former friends launch into a screaming match and this sets the tone for the rest of the reunion. It was hard to keep up with all the screaming but Kim says, “It was a funny joke,” and NeNe clapped back “Are you the parking meter mother**ker? WHERE IS YOUR SCOOTER?! Where is it b*tch ?” NeNe tears into Kim.

Andy questioned Kim about the accusation she made claiming that NeNe abuses drugs. Kim backpedals – she didn’t mean street drugs, “When I said I think she’s on something I said it to her face. I don’t know. I just said something is off.” “You don’t know me like that,” NeNe told her. “Something is very off about your a**. Your brain is not stopping on every mother**king floor.” Then Kim deflected from her calling NeNe a drug addict, by turning the convo into Kandi accusing her of being an alcoholic. Kim is the queen of deflection and lies! Kandi explained that she said Kim is an alkie because of Kim’s own words. Kim told her that Kroy drives her everywhere so that she can always drink — which Kandi sees as a drinking problem. Kim says she didn’t say that. But the videotape shows her saying exactly that. 

Andy changes the topic to Sheree Whitfield’s prison bae, Tyrone Gilliams. Sheree doesn’t kiss and tell about having phone sex with her jail-bird lover, “A lady never tells. I’m not answering that,” and admitted they are not engaged. She also claims Tyrone and his stolen $5 million did not help her complete renovations on Chateau Sheree. Andy then asks NeNe about a tweet she made claiming she did Tyrone a sexual favor. “I sucked his d**k. I did say that because I was constantly being asked. So, I said of course I sucked his d**k. I don’t like that I’m being connected to this story.” NeNe was saying explains, “I was so over constantly being asked about Tyrone. I called her [Whitfield] up privately. I had been asked so many times and I was very irritated. I don’t care if it looks suspicious. I just think him and Sheree are a great couple.”

During a break, Andy spoke to Tyrone, “He said that you stalked him, you showed up in Philadelphia. You are not his type and you actively pursued him.”

“Of course I pursued Tyrone.” NeNe slammed. “I am not his type. We will talk to Lie-rone when he get out.”

Kim chimed in randomly that Gregg was married when NeNe met him, things quickly derailed back into white noise screaming. Snooze; “WHAT ABOUT YOU DANCING AT OASIS FOR 20 YEARS?! IN A NURSE’S OUFIT!”

Next, Kim and Kenya’s beef is still unresolved after their major blow at Sheree’s housewarming party. According to Kenya, Kim came for her first. Kim doesn’t see it that way, but Cynthia agrees with Kenya. “She was accusing me of being rude but this b*tch is the rudest in the world,” Kenya said. “Your husband is an idiot who turned a hoe into a housewife.” 

“Jealousy is a disease, get well soon b*tch ,” Kim snapped and Kandi hit back, saying: “I don’t think anybody is jealous of what Kim has going on.” “Fix your double face the next time you go to the surgeon,” Kenya scoffs at Kim.

Kandi takes a turn confronting the Don’t Be Tardy star over comments she made to Sheree about Kandi wanting to “lick her box” — which Kim denied. “All these questions are just gross,” she said and claimed she never said it. Kim swore on her kid’s life that the Bedroom Kandi CEO wanted to “lick” her box — Kim told Sheree, “Let me tell you about Kandi…on my kid’s life…hope God strikes me dead…I wouldn’t let her lick my box.”  “Kim you said it on camera,” Andy reminded her. “You’re sitting on the sidelines and now you want to come back and come for me? Ain’t nobody trying to lick your mother**king box,” Kandi yelled at Kim.

#Roachgate was rehashed again, as all the women tried to explain to Kim that roaches are a “metaphor for racism.” “You’re f**king reaching,” Kim barked back.

“People equate roaches with the projects,” Kenya told her, “it’s similar to watermelon or monkeys.”

NeNe explained that the video was offensive. “What she did was disgusting. She over here in my damn house and I’m a black mom and I let her a** know what time it is.”

Sheree was grilled for not telling NeNe about the video, which she claimed that she didn’t see before Barcelona, but she did, and then said: “I didn’t think the video would ever go anywhere.”

Kim asked Andy if she was done then quickly exited the stage. 

NeNe apologized for her rape joke during her standup show. “Once again I do not want to hurt anybody.”

It’s a wrap, Andy declared and the rest of the ladies were all smiles as they walked off but this was not the end!

Kim was in the bathroom suffering a meltdown and summoned Andy to join her.

“That bitch knows I’m not racist. NeNe knows I’m not racist. You know why you have not found another white woman to join the cast? Because nobody is dumb enough to do that! Put yourself in my shoes — five African-American women — just hammered! I couldn’t even speak, my mind’s a f**king whirlwind!”

She asked Andy: “How much can a person take? There wasn’t even one positive question for me. I was hammered! There wasn’t a positive question. I have a very successful marriage, I have beautiful children, there was nothing positive.”

Kim then continued to deny claims that she was racist, explaining that she felt racism as a whole was only something being magnified by social media.

“This whole racism thing in this day in age is bullsh*t. Everyone of those motherf*ckers on that couch owe this world a f*cking apology for this racism sh*t,” Kim said. “They already tried to claim that sh*t long ago. Nobody bought into it then because the social media wasn’t there and racism wasn’t f*cking all that real. You know it.”

But Andy did not defend or comfort Kim this time and dished it right back to her.

“There was nothing positive, unfortunately, in your story from the season,” he said. “It was all combative, it was. Because your whole time on the show was combative, it was.”

“Oh my God,” Kim responded.

Part 3 of this reunion proved I was completely wrong — Kim is far more vile than I imagined. Between declaring that racism is a social media construct and that five African-American women ganged up on her to the lies/rumors she spread that were completely false, I am completely done with Kim Zolciak-Biermann. In the words of NeNe Leakes, “THE DOOR IS CLOSED!” 


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