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#SouthernCharm Naomie Olindo Trashes Craig Conover’s Lifestyle! (Video)

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Southern Charm fans witnessed Naomie Olindo berate her ex boyfriend Craig Conover throughout their messy relationship and on tonight’s new episode, she contains her reign of terror at Cameran Eubanks’ baby shower.

“This is who I turn into around you,” Naomie tells Craig. “It’s so weird, because I’m not this s****y, mean person. I trusted you and you let me down over and over and over.”

She then starts to rattle off a list of issues that she has with how Craig lives his life, saying he doesn’t get out of bed, misses meetings and lies around “hungover every day.”

“You need to wake up and do s**t!” Naomie tells Craig. “You could be doing so much more than you’re already doing.”

“I can do whatever I want,” he fires back. “I’m an adult.”

That’s when Naomie shades Craig’s love of sewing: she says all he does it sit around and sew and “pretend to do things.” His response: “What’s wrong with my sewing?”


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