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#RHONJ Fans Drag Teresa Giudice’s Distorted Face & Poor Reading Skills In Endorsement Video!

Social media is ripping reality star Teresa Giudice to shreds after she posted a video of herself endorsing a product. 

In the video, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s face appears distorted and she’s stumbling through a script off screen.

The video above sent RHONJ fans into an uproar — with many people slamming the 45 year-old’s poor reading skills, as she struggled to pronounce some words. 

“for real!! My 1st grade cousin can read better than her!! But we all know she has no brains”

“Reading is not her strong suit”

“SMH cant even talk or read a script”

“omg that was painful to watch”

“Reading your script…unnatural advertising”

“Can you read the screen more slowly please? Too big of words huh?”

Other people commented about the mom of four’s bloated face and puffy eyes.

“Omg…. seriously what’s up with your Face.? All of you leave your faces alone 👽”

“This is the most awkwardly uncomfortable thing I’ve ever watched in my life”

” I kept looking wondering why she looks so… tired? Swollen? Too much makeup? She def looks different. 🤔”

As reportedTeresa’s endorsement deals have been on a steady decline since her 2014 felony conviction for fraud and subsequent prison sentence. 

Sound off in the comments below on Teresa’s appearance and reading skills in the video.


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