RECAP: Kyle Richards Brings ‘Pantygate’ Back On #RHOBH Finale!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is waving goodbye to Season 8 — and the finale episode begins at Dorit’s fashion show venue. Dorit’s a palm-perfectionist, so she’s over the moon about the ooh-la-la tropical setup. The press is coming, so there is much at stake. Ken is yawning his way to the show, expressing the sentiment of many viewers. Dorit is excited to be officially back in the biz, and is happy that pushing out two babes didn’t kill her designer buzz. Rinna and Erika are on their way, along with Teddi, Edwin, and the rest of the gang. Dorit fusses over the models, and as the ladies gather, Camille reveals that she’s engaged to her boyfriend. Dave’s a good guy and a real hoot, so Camille is happy. The ladies are thrilled for her, and Bravo flashes us back to Camille’s split from Kelsey Grammer — a dishy rewind. The cast chitchats while waiting for the big reveal, and Kyle passes the time by reigniting her beef with Dorit. No one blinks. 

P.K. introduces the show with a dramatic curtain-drop, and Kyle shades the flashy move. The snazzy setup is revealed, and the ladies take their seats. The bikini models strut their stuff, and all of the women look amazing. The ladies all enthusiastically support, and love the suits. Rinna hopes to score a freebie, in exchange for her clearance duster giveaway. Dorit takes a bow, and basks in her big moment. The show is a smash, and Dorit is thankful. The ladies are impressed, especially Rinna, who cannot believe that she can now stomach the sight of Dorit. The ladies gather for a toast — proud of their faux friend. The convo shifts to the messy magazine photo shoot, and the mood crashes. Dorit’s diva act shoved her out of the issue, and she’s peeved that the pros didn’t kowtow to her bitchy beauty. Rinna wonders what’s actually behind the mag brouhaha — and hopes that Lisa is proven the real bitch behind the scenes. Lisa snarks that the solution was to remove Dorit’s crabby head from the shots — case closed. Kyle wishes that she could nail such a gig, and Dorit oddly takes her impossible dream as shade. The bell dings for the next round.

Dorit’s comments made in Erika’s Berlin hotel room are bugging Kyle, along with being pegged as a shady underwear gossip. Dorit doesn’t understand why Kyle loves her one minute and hates her the next, so Kyle shares that hatred is in the lead. Kyle jabbers on and on about the petty drama, and the ladies soon rewind PantyGate — leaning on last season’s drama to manufacture tension. Lisa is the only one astute enough to declare  PantyGate dumb from the start — and hardly worth rehashing. Rinna is Team Kyle, because Kyle’s family is a wonky mess, and she craves consistent peace — which might just equal consistent upset. Kyle runs away to cry to Teddi — probably because she’s the only one clueless to the power of Erika’s undies. Kyle whines to Mauricio about the ass-kissing spectacle, and storms out. No one knows why Kyle is flipping her lid, and are all taken aback by her hysterical exit. Teddi tries to interpret Kyle’s hissy fit to the others — but Erika shuts down her beginner translation. Kyle clunks up Dorit’s special night, but it works, because the entire focus is now shifted onto Kyle’s temper tantrum. 

Over at the Hamlin’s, Rinna and Harry are checking in with Delilah. The trio catches up, and Rinna is thrilled that her former anxious wreck of a girl is adjusting to life in NYC. The other one is doing pretty well too, and so is Rinna, because she has backed her skinny butt out of the cast drama. She has budding supermodels to protect, and her mouth always gets her into trashy trouble. Rinna claims to be ecstatic about being on the reality sideline — aka keeping her big lips shut, guarding her daughters’ careers.

We jog over to Teddi and Kyle, who are in mid-workout. They chat about the night of the fashion show, and the ass-kissery that sent Kyle’s ass running. Teddi offers her own crack analysis, and we hear that Kyle is holding a viewing party for her new show, American Woman. Kyle admits that she’s stuck in rinse and repeat muck, but Teddi cosigns her frustrated spin.

We check in at Villa Rosa — where Lisa and Ken are showing off a new ball of fur. Lisa explains that Monroe was ditched and down in the dumps, so she took the cutie home to her pink palace, and all was soon well. Ken agrees to keep the pup, so they rename her Binky Boo and give her her own confessional spot. Lisa’s pups have been dropping like flies, so Binky fills a couple of empty spots in Lisa’s heart.

Over at Kyle’s, the house is taking shape just in time for Kyle’s finale viewing party. The ladies trickle in, and gush over the new place. Kyle re-expresses her frustration over her innocence in Erika’s rogue panty drama, Erika spells out an enough-already, and Kyle proclaims herself cleansed. Dorit isn’t so sure. Kyle gives the grand tour, and Bravo flashes some shots of the morally corrupt redesign plan. The ladies settle in for the show, and Kyle is beyond excited. Big Kathy drops her first nasty zinger on the small screen — inviting a nervous giggle from her adoring daughter. The gals approve, and Dorit asks the million dollar question — how Kyle’s family will feel about the project. Kyle implies that things are looking dicey, and admits that she has failed to live up to Big Kathy’s force-fed family superglue. She should be relieved.

We next say goodbye to the cast with a classic Bravo sendoff. Kyle’s house was robbed and the goods never recovered. Dorit decided to market her swimsuits after the cast — and Teddi’s didn’t make the cut. Rinna has abandoned her righteous quest for justice, in order to train her elderly mother in the art of puss-patting. Erika says yes to everything, including burning through her grandhusband’s cash. Teddi is so accountable it hurts, and Lisa is still wishing for grandchildren. Rinna closes the episode by snarking that Lisa is a textbook narcissist. Alrighty, then.

We are officially reunion bound!


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