RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ Molly & Jon Decide to End Their Marriage!

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Welcome to the 11th hour of Married at First Sight. The couples have only a few days until decision day, and the cracks are turning into canyons. We check in with Jephte and Shawniece first. Jephte confesses that if he had to decide after the Vermont trip, he would have walked away. But today he’s feeling more optimistic, sort of. Shawniece says that Jephte is too stubborn, but since she really wants a man to call her own, she’ll hang in there. Who’s the stubborn one now?

Up next we check in with Jon and Molly – separately. Jon is filming with a friend and Molly is filming with her sister. They each tell their versions of the woes in Florida. Jon explains he got tired of climbing Molly’s soaring walls, and of course, the no sex part. Molly explains to her sister she was done when Jon filmed their fight in Florida, and of course, the no sex part.

The guys are getting together at Ryan’s place for their final bro-talk. Over dinner, they each discuss their second honeymoons. Ryan says one day was good. Jephte says he had fun in the corn maze. But Jon is very quiet. The guys say, Buck up little guy. Tell us about Florida. Jon announces he and Molly will be getting a divorce due to her bad behavior. This freaks Jephte out. He tells the guys that Shawniece ruined their trip to Vermont, her and her alone. Ryan says that he too is worried that he and Jaclyn have a bad relationship, because if there’s one thing he knows, it’s bad relationships. But then Ryan says something much worse – if he were to cut ties with Jaclyn right now, he wouldn’t be heartbroken at all. Ryan, that would make you a robot, except for the fact that we can program robots to be smarter. The guys agree regardless if their marriages cave, they will stay together.

Next, the women meet up for the same get-together at Shawniece’s house. Molly’s happy to be there because she’s in a dark place and feels like a failure – which she is. As they eat and drink, the girls can tell something’s wrong with Molly. She confesses she and Jon will be divorcing. Molly really thinks she’s given it her all, which is a joke. But the main issue for her is the lack of physicality. Arrgghh! Why doesn’t Molly dig Jon? Does he remind her of a past fling? A past mistake? Tell us! Jaclyn and Shawniece don’t get it either, but want their marriages to work, even if there are kinks that need to be ironed out with scalding hot water.

Jaclyn goes home a little shell-shocked. She kisses Ryan on the cheek – I mean the guy is cleaning the kitchen – but Ryan doesn’t like it because he doesn’t want lipstick on his face. Sigh. They sit down to talk about Molly and Jon. Ryan says, Sucks for them, and then explains that no matter the outcome, the guys will still hang out they will all be connected for life. Jaclyn cleverly deduces Ryan is flaking out. But according to Ryan, he has the right to be confused. Jaclyn feels blindsided. She thought they were on the same page, and they were, but that was yesterday. Ryan is a flip-flopper. He tells us he likes Jaclyn “as a person” which is the kiss of death. He might as well say she has a good personality. Jaclyn asks what are they doing here? Ryan’s attitude is very blasé, and when Jaclyn asks a few more questions, he no longer wants to talk. Oh, okay Ryan. You just rest your pretty little head. Jaclyn, girl, we gotta talk.

The following day, Jon is on his way to his mom and step-dad’s house to tell them he will be getting a divorce. His mom thinks Molly’s coming and is disappointed when she’s not. Jon wastes no time informing his peeps about the divorce. Mom is very sad even though Jon is the one who’s unemployed, homeless and soon-to-be divorced. She tells Jon rarely is a divorce one person’s fault, and it’s still a failure. Gee, thanks mom! Let the healing begin.

Back in town, Jaclyn drops by Molly’s place to help her pack. Plus, she’s even more conflicted since Ryan told her he’s unsure about their future. Unfortunately, Molly’s in the bitter-party-of-one phase. Molly says if Ryan can’t see giving the marriage a shot, then get rid of him. And that way, Molly isn’t the only failure.

Up next we are with Jephte and Shawniece. There is a definite chill in the air over whose car they were supposed to take and who was going to drive. I actually had to play this back several times because I didn’t get what this argument was actually about. Jephte says it’s not about what was said, but how it was said. Shawniece was supposed to drive, but she needed an emergency oil change? But then Jephte starts laughing about the situation and they get over it.

The final scene is at home with Jaclyn and Ryan. Get this, Ryan has flip-flopped yet again and is now sorry about what he said yesterday. Ryan gives Jaclyn a gift to make up for being an ass, and it works. It’s a necklace made from the flowers from their wedding. I’m just wondering if it’s actually a gift from the “experts.” Jaclyn forgives Ryan and the two are feeling better about their future. Until the next argument which should be in about 12 hours.

Tune in next time for the season finale. The couples must decide whether they want to stay married or get a divorce. Tell me what you think. Should all the couples get a divorce, not just Molly and Jon? Sound off below.


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