#RHOP RECAP: Robyn Flips Out After Ashley Exposes Juan’s Overseas Mistress!

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Dang! So much going on this week on The Real Housewives of Potomac. For starters, Karen has lost control of the press conference. Questions are flying at her and she’s not talking. So Gizelle asks again, will Ray be indicted? Karen says due to legal reasons, she cannot speak about Ray’s situation, but confirms she will not be indicted. Gizelle and Robyn are ready to leave so Gizelle takes off her pink blazer and reveals the #tacky #hashtags on her #back.

The other women think Gizelle has pulled a low down, dirty move, but don’t say a thing. Robyn follows Gizelle outside like a puppy dog. Karen and her “everything” man leave, but wait in the backseat of their car with Karen’s leg draped across his lap. Gizelle and Robyn stop by so Gizelle can explain the tee-shirt was only a joke, but Karen is not laughing at their unnecessary shade.

Up next we are at Candiace’s condo in bed with her and her fiancé, Chris. She loves this man because he lets her be her. Candiace’s mom wishes she were marrying a black doctor who lets her be her instead of a white frat boy who lets her be her.

Over at Monique’s house she is burdened with taking care of her kids and getting the champagne ready since the nanny quit. Ashley stops over to hang by the pool and drink. They talk about Chris’ 40th birthday party this weekend. The heffa explains she hasn’t invited her mother-in-law because Chris needs to do it. It’s his mom. Ashley says she’s going through something similar with her mom, and by similar, she means different. Ashley must financially cut off her mother, per her husband, and she’s a scared little girl. Monique asks Ashley if she had to choose between her mother and her husband, who would it be? That’s a tough one for Ashley. One gives her money and one takes her money.

Candiace stops by Monique’s to join in the fun. It’s a sunny hot day but Monique is throwing plenty of shade at Robyn and Karen. The girls strip down to their bikinis and smoke cigars like they’re in a Hennessey commercial. Candiace and Monique get along like peas and carrots and Ashley is odd girl out. Thanks goodness they can bond over trashing Robyn.

Onto a spa day with Karen and her daughter Raven. They are getting facials with smelly, fishy, slimy seaweed. Karen asks Raven how she’s handling her daddy’s tax issues – because they are his issues and his alone. Raven tears up. Karen explains this is a teachable moment. In life you either fall or rise to the occasion. 

Next, Gizelle and her hair stylists Kal are shopping. Gizelle has a party dilemma. Should she go to Chris and Monique’s party or The Hamptons? That’s a no brainer for Gizelle. Kal says he likes Sherman and gives him two thumbs up. Gizelle tells Kal about Karen’s press conference to announce that people need to mind their own business. They laugh, but Gizelle says she wants to sit down with Karen and explain how the tee-shirt was meant to be funny – but it’s going to have to wait until after The Hamptons.

Next we check in with Robyn and Juan as they unpack at their slightly bigger townhouse. Robyn’s just thrilled this time it’s not the bank who forced them to move. She apologizes to Juan for making a bad investment with their best-friend who stole their money. Unfortunately Robyn doesn’t say anything like, So glad his ass is in jail. Juan is now coaching basketball and Robyn is flipping houses. She asks Juan to come to the party at Monique’s house because the ladies are a bunch of meanies. Juan is like, Nah man, but good luck with that.

Next we join Candiace who is wedding dress shopping with her mom. These two don’t agree on what Candiace should wear. Will this be Say Yes to the Dress or Say No to the Ho? The first dress makes Candiace cry. It’s a classic white ball gown her mother says you can find in any Walmart. Bring out the lace. When Candiace steps out in the form-fitting lace gown that shows every curve, her mom proclaims, This is my dress! Hello. You aren’t the one getting married to the white boy.

Elsewhere, Ashley and her husband Michael are lunching. He asks if she’s spoken to her mom about cutting her off financially. Ashley has not. She blames her mother’s toxic boyfriend. He won’t go away after 15 years. Michael says Ashley’s mother needs to get rid of the loser. Hear that Ashley? Get rid of the loser.

It’s party time! It’s a very intimate party with 120 people all wearing white shirts. Except Chris and Michael. Since it’s Chris’ birthday, he can wear what he wants, but what’s Michael’s excuse? He’s wearing a black tee-shirt. We get our first look at Charrisse this season who is wearing platform shoes so high she can hardly walk. Karen and Ray arrive next. This is their first time in public since the scandal broke about his finances. 

We see Michael again and he’s now in a white shirt and I can see why he didn’t want to wear it. He looks like he’s just getting over the flu. Michael tells Ray and Karen that he would like to help them any way he can. Got four million? Otherwise stay in your lane.

Monique, Charrisse and Robyn have a sit down. Monique asks Robyn if they are okay. Robyn says not since she saw the meme of her on Monique’s fan page. Monique says she had nothing to do with that, but Robyn doesn’t believe her. Charrisse is just sitting there trying to figure out what a meme is. Monique stomps off and says she doesn’t have time for this nonsense. 

Robyn and Charrisse go outside to discuss what just went down when Ashley strolls up to stick her nose in Robyn’s business. Unfortunately Robyn screws up by telling her. Ashley tells Robyn she has a subtle way of trashing people and, by the way, her man cheated on her years ago. Of all people, why is Ashley giving marriage advice? Girl, no one wants to hear from you.

Here comes Monique. She tells Robyn she is disrespecting her home. Chris dances his way over to stop his wife from embarrassing him get everyone in a party mood. Robyn says she’s out. Somehow the party goes on without her and Candiace’s fiancé does a backflip into the pool from balcony. Candiace is upset that he’s acting like a drunk white boy. She will be giving him a tongue lashing on the way home, and not the good kind.

Tune in next time when Ashley gets real with her mom and Gizelle gets real close to writing a book.


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