RECAP: NeNe Leakes Slams Kim Zolciak In Screaming Match During #RHOA Reunion!

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Sunday night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Reunion was a doozy! 

Part two began with Marlo explaining her numerous mug shots and her altercation with Porsha at Eva’s Halloween party. Marlo says she chased behind Porsha to get her to speak to Kim. As far as her charges go, they were mainly violations of existing charges. And for the record, Marlo is not a whore. She once dated a billionaire, who purchased her a house and she’s invested her money well. She’s the CEO of Simply Marlo, LLC. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

Kandi and Porsha rehash last season’s drugging/rape scandal. Porsha’s exhausted with the ladies constantly using the incident as a “silver bullet.” Kandi sort of agrees and they’re going to move on. Thank you Jesus! That merry-go-round was as tired as Kim Zolciak’s wig collection. Porsha says that she went to Cynthia and had a one-on-one conversation about it in San Francisco. Cynthia corrects her that Cynthia actually came to Porsha.

Kenya asks for a cocktail and NeNe says under her breath, “You’re pregnant.” Y’all I really can’t with Kenya and her lies.

calls her out one more time for her half-assed apologies and she says what’s really at the heart of the issue. Porsha finally says that it was all a bad choice and she wishes she wasn’t a part of it. She finally apologizes for the situation without a “but.” Kandi doesn’t want it coming up again, so she accepts Porsha’s apology.

After a short break, Kim and her assistant Kroy arrive. The topic of conversation turns to NeNe and her Uber/rape joke gone wrong. Kandi supports NeNe, “Comedians say a lot of inappropriate things. I didn’t take it the same [as what Porsha said about me].” Kandi says. Nene knows she went too far, and is very very sorry. NeNe understands that the decision (by the Xscape’s business manager) really was business and not personal. It’s refreshing that Nene and Kandi started off so rocky on this show, but now they’re genuinely thick as thieves.

Andy made the women agree to retire calling each other “prostitutes,” after Marlo complained Kenya called her out of her name. Y’all replaced porn star with socialite. So find a suitable replacement for prostitute! Amen Andy Cohen, no prostitute comments so long as Kenya doesn’t imply anyone is gay as a slur.

Eva shuffles her 9-month pregnant self onto the reunion stage, having contractions 10 minutes apart. She announces her engagement and Andy wants to know if her fiancé is happy about her being on the show. He asks if Eva’s fiancé can convince Marc Daly to come around on the show.

It’s time for the main event! Kim (and her red solo cup) joins the reunion stage and the chaos with NeNe ensues. Andy questions Kim about plastic surgery, including on her much-bigger lips. Kim lies and attributes her plastic face to good contouring. 

“My issue is right here,” NeNe says, pointing at Kim.

“Who gives a f**k,” Kim said about the mall situation and Leakes ripped into her.

“What I f**king care about, b**ch, is the sh*t you did.” NeNe responds. 

Then NeNe and Kim turn their sights on each other. They start screaming “WHO GIVES A FUCK?” at each other. NeNe mentions Kim taking videos of car parked in a handicapped and they show a few clips of Kim saying she did see NeNe at the mall. NeNe gets up and is looming over Kim!

Kim insisted: “I didn’t f**king see NeNe,” but flashbacks showed her saying she saw her car parked in a handicap spot. “I was sent a picture of the car I didn’t see f**king NeNe,” she tried to say.

Kim barks back: “You can dish it but you can’t take it,” and NeNe retorted: “You ain’t got nothing I want baby girl.”

“You are so f**king work! All this bullsh*t you did. All this bullsh*t you talk. Talk it now. Put it up now. You are so jealous. You’re a hater! You’re jealous. Your mouth is f**king wrecked You are f**king trash. You ain’t sh*t.”

Don’t miss next week’s finale, when Kim storms out because she can’t take the heat!


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