#SouthernCharm Elizabeth Madison Blasts Naomie Olindo For Making Up LIES About Her Marriage to J.D. Madison!

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Southern Charm fans watched Naomie Olindo rip into J.D. Madison during the most recent episode of the Bravo hit — viewers left drop-jawed when the Charmer accused J.D. of “fu**ing 20-year-olds” and mistreating his wife. Naomie added that Elizabeth was depressed and crying to her every day — allegedly crushed by J.D.’s extra-circular partying. 

Naomie tweeted during the episode that she cleared the verbal lashing with Elizabeth, and that they discussed the upset after she spit out the scathing accusations.

J.D. and Elizabeth have sought privacy during their marriage struggle — only confirming on social media that they had separated. Elizabeth broke her silence on Thursday, as the episode unfolded. She countered Naomie’s claim of open communication, and slammed her friend for hijacking her privacy, and right to voice her own story.

J.D. and Elizabeth agreed that Shep’s dinner party was used to execute an ambush.

The parents of four continue to navigate their new normal, as Bravo shines a spotlight on their complicated story. Do you believe that their marriage will  survive?

Watch Southern Charm, Thursday nights at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.


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