#RHOBH RECAP: Erika Jayne Snaps On Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave In Berlin Over “Amnesia” Diss!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are still shaking up Berlin, as the episode kicks off. It’s the last day of the trip — and Kyle and Teddi are already annoyed, because Erika’s exhausting glam standards are making them late for a trip to the zoo. Rinna and Dorit are getting pampered — always a must, and way more fun than any old zoo. Teddi and Kyle arrange to catch Erika at the locale, and she finally arrives, claiming a snotty delay. They tour the ancient attraction and enjoy the various animal exhibits. The ladies are allowed behind the scenes, and get up close and personal with a gorgeous panda. They snap pics with the handsome fella, as Rinna and Dorit discuss the rather dreary cast drama. Dorit declares that Lisa and Kyle’s deal is too complicated to understand, and that she hopes that her own relationship with Kyle can get back on track. A boat excursion is planned for the that evening — promising dreary drama on the high seas.   

Next we eavesdrop on Kyle and Teddi, nibbling food specks and getting ready for the evening. They chitchat about the tension between Teddi and Erika, and debate the hot topic of the season — whether or not amnesia can be pretend. The ladies finally strut their stuff into the lobby, wearing their best call girl fashion statements. Teddi snarks that they should find a costume party, and Erika is once again, late. The glam squad is dragging out their lube job, so the others take off and leave Erika behind. Kyle is asked about last week’s brouhaha with Lisa, and Dorit throws herself into the mix, immediately muddling the dialogue. Kyle shuts her down, hoping that the upcoming boat ride won’t turn dicey. Erika finally appears, pretty in plastic, and heads their way. The ladies convince the crew to wait, and Lisa and Kyle reminisce about past yachting nightmares.

The ladies talk while cruising down the waterway, excited to take in the local graffiti. They take shots to celebrate another Bravo boat tour, until Erika directs the spotlight to her encased breasts. The ladies are dying to know how she pulled off such a “funfunfun” look, and how her gays managed to pour her into such edgy shrink-wrap. Erika dishes that talcum and K-Y are her secrets, advising novices to steer clear of such a challenging endeavor. Erika points her nipples back into the dialogue, before Kyle shifts the  attention over to Rinna — who’s rocking two jackets, both dying to be ripped off. Rinna drops her lingerie punchline, inviting the group to ooh and aah over her physique. They oblige, and Rinna credits the cast love to Lisa being absent— her go-to analysis for any occasion.

They make it off the boat with their clothes on, and Erika next leads them down a dark alley, promising to show them THE Berlin hotspot. The ladies look like hookers trolling the streets, before they enter an “invitation only” restaurant. The place looks ordinary, and Dorit gripes about the unlit ambiance. Teddi rolls her eyes, reminding us all that she doesn’t care about such trite dining details. Erika informs Teddi that she should most definitely care about calling her a liar, injecting an argument leftover into the snoozy evening. The cast is up for it — except Teddi, who is still smarting from Erika’s emotional cold shoulder. Erika doesn’t care, but Teddi reminds her that she actually did apologize for the jab. Erika admits to having a snippy temper, and Dorit chimes in, informing Erika that she is strong, shiny, and pretty darned scary. Teddi tries to articulate why Erika makes her uncomfortable, before she begins to tear up. Erika thaws out a bit, and apologizes for being a terrifying a-hole. Teddi is thrilled, and the ladies finish their meal on a peaceful note. We hear that Dorit’s bathing suit fashion show is right around the corner — as the cast looks forward to flying home. 

We’re back in the 90210 in a flash — catching up with Lisa at her dog rescue center. The Yulin film is a festival winner, and Lisa hopes that the project will continue to gain momentum. All of the ladies are back about their business, Dorit and PK catching up, Erika modeling her latest latex number for her adoring crew, and Kyle prepping for her move. The morally corrupt Faye Resnick makes an appearance, and Kyle shares her mixed emotions about relocating her family to a more luxurious address. Bravo rewinds some fun memories, livening the episode with Kim’s infamous turtle quote.

A dinner out with Teddi and her family is next. She begins to dish about the trip to her hubby — but quickly switches gears, because little ears are listening. Teddi shares that she has decided against a horse purchase, in an effort to keep her thoughts on her family, and her booming accountability career.

Kyle stops in for a cup-o-tea with Lisa, so the duo can bask in their repeatedly renewed friendship. Lisa quips that her fantastic compassion has been officially recognized, and Kyle catches her up on the end of the Berlin trip — adding a sidebar about her frustration with Dorit’s jibber jabber. Bravo gives a shout-out to Erika Jayne, who’s performing in NYC. The energy is cutting edge, aka hot and smelly. Erika reminds us that she’s committed to delivering a first rate show, no matter how gross the venue is. Back in the land of Beverly Beach, Dorit and PK are hashing out fashion show details, debating the horror of dropping dirty drapes. The risk is real, but Dorit is ready for a bangin’ bikini comeback.

The season finale plays out next week — don’t miss it!


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