RECAP: Molly Berates Jon After He Confronts Her Flirting With Another Man On ‘Married at First Sight’

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It’s day 47 in captivity matrimony for the couples on Married at First Sight. This week’s episode is filled with ups and downs, but mostly downs. We return to Vermont in the corn maze with Jephte and Shawniece. The two are fighting, won’t work as a team, and go their separate ways. On the drive home they argue some more. Jephte says, “What’s wrong with you?” He’s mad because he was so happy and Shawniece ruined it. Shawniece says his actions need to match his words and she’s sick and tired of being patient. Jephte says maybe they shouldn’t be together.

Whew! That was intense. Now we’re in New York City with Jaclyn and Ryan. Both are feeling relaxed and on a good path. Which is good because decision day is in one week. They find the Naked Cowboy, take pics with him, and do other touristy things in the Big Apple. It’s nice to see them getting along.

Now we are at a waterpark with Molly and Jon. This looks like so much fun. What could go wrong? As they enjoy a cocktail and toast their mini-moon, I’m thinking maybe Jon will get lucky tonight. Wrong! Six hours later, these two are at Defcon 1. Jon says Molly was talking to a guy at the bar and he didn’t like it. So he recorded the fight the two had after the bar scene. The video is grainy and tilted as Jon and Molly call each other immature.

In his testimonial, Jon explains he was trying to talk to Molly about how she was ignoring him and talking to another man. He says Molly went off, calling him disgusting, a monster, and said he makes her skin crawl. OMG! Go home, girl. Are you staying for the cameras? However, I would like to see a picture of the guy from the bar. What does he have that Jon doesn’t? I’ve never been able to fully understand why Molly isn’t attracted to Jon.

Tensions are running high back in NYC. Jaclyn tells us that after the cameras left, she and Ryan got into their biggest argument ever. Of course it’s always after the cameras leave. So here’s what happened: Ryan and Jaclyn made plans to go out with Ryan’s cousin and her friends, when low and behold Jaclyn jumps out of the cab two blocks away and walks back to the hotel. So why did Jaclyn do that? Her excuse is kind of lame. She said it would take 30 minutes to get to the club, they’d be out late, and she wanted to enjoy the next day. How are you enjoying the next day now? Ryan said he convinced Jaclyn to go back out, but things got worse and long story short, Jaclyn returned his ring. The car ride back home is stressful and silent.

Calling Dr. Pepper! All three couples are in crisis mode. Dr. Pepper starts with Jephte and Shawniece. Jephte says he’s upset because Shawniece ruined his good time at the corn maze, but what upset him the most was her questioning his reasons for being on the show. Dr. Pepper says, It’s not about the damn cornfield! True dat. Shawniece is about to come unglued. She doesn’t understand why she can’t express her feelings to Jephte. Jephte says he doesn’t know what Shawniece wants seven weeks in and is tired of being pushed. Shawniece stomps out of the living room, but before slamming the bedroom door, she tells Jephte she’s been his wife for seven weeks. Dr. Pepper eventually lures Shawniece out of the bedroom and tells them this is solvable. Shawniece says she’s tired of asking for everything and making Jephte feel rushed. When is he going to accept they are married? A lightbulb goes off over Jephte’s head. He agrees that he’s not a great communicator and apologizes for being a jerk. They hug it out. Crisis averted.

When we catch up with Jon who’s moping around the park, he says Molly hasn’t spoken to him since their disastrous mini-moon. Jon’s ready for this experiment to be over. In his Emmy moment, Jon says that Molly doesn’t understand how much it hurts to care about someone who doesn’t care about you. Jon is officially shutting down and giving up. I want to hear Molly’s version, but right now I’m on TeamJon.

Next, Dr. Pepper visits Jaclyn and Ryan at their apartment. She tells Jaclyn how sad she looks. Dr. Pepper doesn’t understand when this fight became a big deal. Same here. It makes you wonder what was said in the cab right before Jaclyn practically leapt from it. Dr. Pepper gets tough on Ryan. She tells him he’s rigid and wants a woman to fit into his life, in a box, with a ribbon on top. Dr. Pepper gives Ryan specific advice to quit speaking in terms of always or never. Ryan tells Jaclyn he wants this to work out. Jaclyn smiles for the first time in five days. She wants this to work out, too.

Jephte comes home with a surprise for Shawniece. A puppy named Kiki. Smart move Jephte! Now Shawniece can shower her bottomless pit of need onto the puppy. It’s like having a baby, but you can lock it up in a cage and not get into trouble for it.

Dr. Jessica is the “expert” assigned to Molly and Jon. She meets with the couple at their apartment individually at first. Molly downplays the event, doesn’t mention the other guy in the bar, and blames the fight on loud karaoke. Molly says she has no regrets and it was Jon who was doing the dirty-fighting. In her testimonial, Molly explains that she thinks it’s the lack of sex that may have caused Jon to snap and get ugly. Ya think?!

Next up is Jon. His version is very different. Jon explains that at the bar, Molly was disengaged from him, but fully engaged in the guy sitting next to her. Jon says he told Molly he’ll leave if she’d rather talk to the other guy, which is called sarcasm. But Jon has the receipts and hands them over to Dr. Jess. She views what we saw earlier. Dr. Jess is conflicted. She doesn’t agree with the recording, but understands why Jon did it. Jon says that 10 minutes before their fight, Molly was grinding on him on the dance floor. What gives?

Dr. Jess is surprised the couple has made it this far. She calls Molly back in. Molly and Jon say they have given it their all. Molly says she has no regrets and poor Jon just wants it to be over. Dr. Jess asks Jon to play the video for Molly. Molly feels betrayed by Jon. Dr. Jess tells Molly the language she used is vile and she doesn’t believe it’s the first time she’s used it. Molly’s hands are shaking. She asks that things deescalate, but they don’t. Dr. Jess accuses Molly of sugarcoating, but Dr. Jess doesn’t stop there. She tells Molly that she may not like Dr. Jess’ honesty, but Dr. Jess doesn’t like Molly’s lies. Boom! Deescalate on that.

Meanwhile, Jon is loving this. He’s trying real hard not to smile. Dr. Jess’ advice to the non-couple is to stop faking it for the cameras. She asks on a scale of 1 to 10, how they would rate their marriage. Molly gives it a 2. Jon gives it a 1. Jon speaks for the couple when he says they’re ready to pull the plug. Dr. Jess says to separate for a few days, then get back together for their final conversation.

We end tonight on an up note with Ryan and Jaclyn who are doing better. I’m sure they’re still questioning what they’ll do on decision day, but if it was held right this second, these two would probably say yes to staying married. The good news is they are still sleeping in the same bed and cuddling. You don’t do that with someone you can’t stand. Ryan promises to be more consistent for Jaclyn. And Jaclyn once again is feeling more hopeful.

Tune in next week for the last minute jitters before decision day. Will Ryan and Jaclyn stay together? Will Shawniece and Jephte? I think we all know that Molly and Jon will be heading for Divorceville, population 2.


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