#RHOP RECAP: Karen Huger Exposes Ashley Darby’s Husband Ding-A-Ling Swinging Across Instagram!

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Welcome back to The Real Housewives of Potomac. Get ready because we are meeting the new housewife tonight and attending a press conference. But first, we check in with Monique at home in the 20854 zip code, y’all. And here comes Ms. Karen Huger and her brand new $100K Jaguar. She loves Monique’s new home. Karen says she is so proud there are other rich, black people in Potomac. The two women sit down, alcohol in hand, to dish on Robyn.

Way across town, Gizelle stops by Robyn’s house to dish on Karen. Robyn and Juan will be moving soon to a slightly bigger townhouse right around the corner. The two ladies discuss the lies Karen is selling and no one is buying, not even on clearance. Robyn recaps the lunch she scarfed down with Karen and how things went from bad to worse with Robyn snooping in Karen’s finances. Gizelle can’t stop laughing about how it takes millions to owe millions.

Back at Monique’s, she is listening to Karen talk about Ray and how his tax problems made her world crumble. So embarrassing when that happens, but nothing a few drinks won’t cure. Monique has a very good question for Karen. Umm, how did you not know the tax man cometh? Karen says she didn’t know because they don’t have a joint account. Karen says she wants to eff Robyn up for talking with the other ladies about her bidness. Karen goes as far to call Robyn a bully.

Next, we join Gizelle and her man Sherman. He is picking her up in a limo to go on a date to a vineyard. Gizelle has set up a romantic picnic so she can feed him strawberries. Sherman asks Gizelle if she’s ready to move in with him, though no timetable is mentioned. They call themselves a modern day Brady bunch. Then the two sneak off behind the grapes to get frisky.

Next we check in with Ashley at the restaurant, Oz. Her networking girlfriends are having brunch. Monique attends and meets women who work for a living, something her mother-in-law would like her to do. This is when we meet our beautiful new housewife, Candiace Dillard, who won Miss United States in 2013. Ashley introduces Candiace to Monique. They instantly bond over the fact that the men in their lives are both named, Chris. I mean what are the odds. Such a rare name.

During brunch, Monique tells Ashley about Karen and her new Jag. They both laugh at Karen  VERY Shady! Monique talks to Candiace, and as they yip and yap, Candiace shares that back in the day her platform was for the empowerment of women. Monique thinks that’s great, then slams the women in their group for being all fake-proper.

It’s moving day for Robyn. Gone are the days when other people packed up her crap. Robyn shows Juan the wedding gifts they got and never used, and Juan is like, Give them to someone else. In her testimonial, for some reason Robyn is down on Ashley. Apparently Ashley doesn’t understand how to build a man up and bear his children. How easy is it to marry a guy who’s already made his money and had his children? Of course, if it was so easy everyone would be doing it.

Next we meet Candiace’s susband which stands for soon-to-be husband. The two met when they worked at a restaurant and he was the manager and she was the hostess. Candiace tears up as she recalls his proposal and the “8,200” people who attended. Candiace says she grew up like the Huxtable’s. Now, I know what you’re thinking – her childhood must have been messed up – but Candiace’s point is she grew up with affluence and options, while Chris did not. Plus Chris has been married before. Plus he’s got three kids from two different women. Not to worry, love will prevail!

Now for the fun part. Karen is ready for her press conference. She has friend/witness/everything Matt by her side to be a witness to the ladies’ “hyena behavior.” The women are only being served peanuts and water – so Robyn doesn’t get too distracted stuffing her face. Gizelle has made a tee-shirt that says #FreeUncleBen on the back.

The ladies arrive and everyone has been provided paper and a number 2 pencil so they can take copious notes. The meeting is now be called to order. First question: who’s the white guy and why is here? Karen says Matt is her everything and has been her everything for 12 years. Gizelle is surprised she’s never heard of the guy. But let’s begin. Karen confronts Gizelle with her hurtful texts. Karen denies moving due to Ray’s tax problems. Karen explains she is independent of Ray and does not have money problems. It’s Ray who’s having money problems.

When it comes to knowing about Ray’s tax problems, Karen explains that Ray did try and tell her, but only once, and it was a pre-existing problem from long ago. Karen announces that no one is to ever utter a single word about Ray’s tax problems again. Ashley doesn’t listen to this. She asks Karen if she’s going to be indicted. Karen cackles her response. She asks Ashley if Michael will be indicted for his ding-a-ling swinging across Instagram. The two women point fingers and talk over each other. Karen tells the women to mind their own business and tries to shut it down, but is unsuccessful.

The ladies don’t understand the point of Karen’s meeting. Gizelle says they are just trying to get some clarity. How can they defend Karen if they don’t know what’s going on. Karen says her life is confusing and accuses the ladies of gang mentality. Karen instructs the others to stop talking about her. Gizelle has one final question. She asks if Ray is going to be indicted. Then we get the three dreaded words from Bravo…to be continued.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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