RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ The Couples Embark On A Second Honeymoon!

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Welcome back to Married at First Sight where the pressure is mounting for the couples. So why not dial up the heat, what do you say! It’s day 44 and decision day is a mere two weeks away. We begin the episode with Dr. Pepper paying a home visit to Ryan and Jaclyn because they are coming apart at the seams.

Jaclyn says she’s willing to fight for their marriage, but only if Ryan is too. Dr. Pepper gives some clichéd advice that they were matched for a reason and then surprises the couple with a trip to wherever they want. Dr. Pepper explains that traveling can be a bonding experience for some couples, but we all know for most it’s a big bag of stress. Ryan and Jaclyn decide to take a road trip to New York City.

Up next, the couples meet for dinner. We learn that Jon and Molly are going to Orlando, Florida, for their vacation because Jon grew up in the area. The couples discuss what causes conflict in their marriages. Jephte and Molly both agree that the worst thing their partners can do is push them, they’ll just shut down. Molly says she’s having difficulty being brutally honest, but getting the hang of it quite nicely. When asked what’s most difficult for Jon, he says “a whole bunch of stuff he doesn’t want to talk about.” But then he does. No sex. No affection. Constant rejection. Jon says he’s stuck, but will keep trying. Molly tells Jon he’s not stuck and I get the feeling she wants to point to the door.

The other couples are feeling the tension. Jon gets up and leaves, but he just needs to pee. The group asks Molly what gives and she says that she and Jon are truly a 99% match, but the 1% chemistry is missing. I think we all know chemistry is way more than 1%. Shawniece encourages the couple to work it out, but recommends they not feel stuck – because they aren’t. Except that they are.

Over at Jephte and Shawniece’s place, they are trying to figure out where to go for their trip to anywhere. Shawniece wants to go someplace fun and romantic. Jephte wants 95% fun and 5% romantic. They decide to go to Vermont to see the changing of the leaves which I would put as 50-50. Shawniece is just happy they won’t be sleeping in separate beds like on their honeymoon. Or will they?

Off they go! Jon and Molly are flying and the other couples are driving. All are in good spirits. On the drive, Ryan and Jaclyn talk about their expectations prior to meeting each other. Jaclyn says her biggest fear was that Ryan would be a jerk. Umm, no comment. And Ryan’s deal breakers were being set up with someone who was a know-it-all who’d been married once before.

Jephte and Shawniece love their hotel suite with a gorgeous view of the mountains. Molly and Jon also have a sweet suite near Universal Studios. Molly says she feels closer to Jon with each adventure they take. Jaclyn and Ryan’s hotel suite isn’t shown probably because space is a premium in that city, so instead we join the couple on a horse drawn carriage ride where Ryan talks too much and Jaclyn announces that she loves…New York.

Back in Danville, Vermont, Jephte surprises Shawniece with the video of their wedding. Jephte is all smiles and Shawniece is all tears as they watch in bed. Jephte realizes his vows were more practical and Shawniece’s were more lovey-dovey – exactly who they are. Aww. Shawniece ugly cries as she declares her wedding as the best day of her life. Not a word is mentioned about their honeymoon.

In Orlando, Jon and Molly hit the amusement park. They ride the real roller-coasters and not just the roller coaster of life. We always knew Jon was a big kid, but it’s nice to see Jaclyn loosen up a bit. They sit down with Butterbeer and act like a couple of goofs. Jon gets a foam mustache from the Butterbeer, and I want Molly to kiss it off him, but she doesn’t. She takes a picture of him instead. So close and yet so far away.

In Vermont, Jephte and Shawniece go to a corn maze. This seems cool and Jephte is like a little kid on Christmas day, but Shawniece isn’t feeling it so much. Jephte is going through the paths at a good pace while Shawniece tags behind slowly. They get lost and get into a tiff. Shawniece wants them to work together like married people, but Jephte wants to wing it like single people. Then he calls Shawniece a sourpuss. She’s annoyed and aggravated by this. They spilt up and go their own way which hopefully isn’t foreshadowing for decision day.

Back at Universal, there’s a special moment between Molly and Jon. She shares that her last vacation with her dad before he died was to Universal. Molly explains that afterwards, her dad had a stomach ache so he went to the doctor. When he came home, Molly and her sisters were told he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. They were told he had one year to live, but tragically he passed away two weeks later. The anniversary of his death is in two days. Jon listens patiently and says he appreciates Molly for opening up to him. Jon shares that unlike Molly’s family who took a catastrophic event and became closer, his family was destroyed over his parents’ lengthy divorce. They kiss, but this time Molly is the one who leans in for it. And that’s it for their romantic advancement.

Tune in next week when Molly gets busted talking to a guy in the bar. And Jon has video proof. Put it this way, the “expert” is on Jon’s side. Don’t miss it!

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