#RHOP RECAP: Robyn Betrays Karen By Gossiping About Her Tax Issue With the Other Women!

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Welcome back to Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Potomac! The ladies are back and shadier than ever so let’s get started. We begin with flashbacks of the Huger tax debt headline that rocked last season. None of the other women believe Karen knew nothing about Ray’s money woes.

Cut to Karen, alone at home as she explains that she only had a two-hour window before the tabloids broke the story about her husband’s tax issues. Not hers — they’re Ray’s tax problems which she knew nothing about.

Moving on, we catch up with Gizelle and Ashley who are meeting for lunch. Once upon a time these two did not get along, but those days are gone, sort of. Now they say snarky things with a smile. Ashley is still separated from her Aussie, older husband Michael, recently spent time in Ibiza and has the naked photos to prove it. Gizelle is still dating Sherman, and it’s been about a year, so that’s a record for her. They move on to the more interesting topic of the Huger tax problems because no matter how wonky life gets for Ashley and Gizelle, they don’t owe millions in back taxes (yet).

Next up, it’s moving day for Monique. She and Chris are officially in Potomac and the plan is to churn out more kids, but poor Monique’s stress level is through the three-story roof because she’s so busy. Instead she wants to throw a birthday party for her husband and invite the entire neighborhood. Chris sighs because he knows this is going to cost him big. Monique tells Chris to call his mom and invite her over. She won’t because Monique still hasn’t gotten over being called a heffa by his momma.

Juan and Robyn are still together. They are divorced with benefits, but now that Juan has landed his “dream job” of coaching, he’s not such an ass anymore. And of course, since Juan is bringing home an actual paycheck, why not move to a bigger house. That’s what you do with money – spend it. Next, Juan and Robyn pass judgment on Karen and Ray’s situation. Robyn questions if Karen is being honest about all of this or if she really doesn’t know. Juan advises Robyn to be a supportive friend and not be like Ashley who gets up in everybody’s bidness. Spoiler alert: Robyn totally ignores Juan’s advice.

Over at Gizelle’s house, she is hanging out with her daughters even though she doesn’t know their ages, playing with makeup because that’s her thang. They call her boyfriend Sherman to say hello. Gizelle tells us privately that Sherman requires his women to only take care of the two F’s: one F is feed him, which Gizelle doesn’t do, but that’s okay because she double-downs on the other “F.”

Currently Ashley is living “on her own” in a sublet condo. It’s time to move out because her six month marriage sabbatical is up and she must make her decision about reuniting or divorcing Michael. Her friend stops by to check in. Ashley explains that the restaurant and her own mother were what stressed out their marriage. You see, Ashley’s mom has a love/hate relationship with Michael. She hates him, but loves his money. Her friend tells Ashely it’s time to set boundaries with her mom if she wants to work things out with her husband.

We are back at Monique’s house so she can name drop who her neighbors are. But she’s just so happy to be in the right zip code finally and won’t have to travel far to see her friends. Unless she wants to see Karen, then she’s going to have to travel. Shady Monique…REAL shady! Monique is forced to play with her children because her nanny quit. Plus, she’s super busy being a great business woman. Look out world.

We are with Huger’s and Karen was grateful for Robyn’s advice to wait for Ray to open up, but Karen’s tired of waiting and has decided it’s time to talk to Ray. Karen says she’s upset she had no clue about the situation. Ray says that he did mention it but Karen is relieved to know she’s not on the hook for these taxes, they are Ray’s problems. 

After much thought and running around reflection, Ashley had decided to move back in with Michael and give their marriage a go. Gizelle calls Ashley in her car as she slowly drives home, tears welling as she talks about an argument she got into earlier with Michael. Gizelle wishes her luck because baby girl’s gonna need it. When Ashley enters their home, Michael greets her with a, G’day mate and a bouquet of red roses. They hug and briefly kiss and Ashley feels better about returning home. They discuss having respect, honesty, and love in their marriage without outside influences such as a new demanding restaurant and her old demanding mother. Ashley is stupidly optimistic she can manage her mother and her husband and the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Robyn and Karen are meeting for lunch. Karen feels a newfound love for Robyn since she talked her off the ledge about Ray’s tax problems. Karen thanks Robyn over martinis and says Ray just wants her to live her own life while he handles everything else. Robyn calls bullshit on that and tells Karen to quit pretending everything is okay when everyone knows it ain’t. Robyn suggests Karen’s three-hour phone call was purely for damage control.

But the Grand Dame is not taking any of Robyn’s crap, and lets the recently bankrupted Robyn have it —  she calls her out for gossiping to the other women. Karen takes Robyn to school with a EPIC read! Karen informs Robyn that she is debt free and loaded, while Robyn scarfs down the free food (paid for by Bravo). I mean, let’s not let a good meal go to waste, shall we? And the more food Robyn shoves in her mouth, the angrier Karen gets. Karen says that in order to lose millions you must first make millions, and is about to storm off, leaving her uneaten food for Robyn, but first reminds Robyn that she is all ALONE living in Hanover. Bloop! 

Tune in next time when we meet a new housewife, Miss United States, who’s as bubbly as Prosecco.


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