#RHOA Finale Recap: NeNe Leakes Shatters Kim Zolciak With Roach Exterminator Costume!

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Sunday’s finale episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicks off with Porsha live on air at Dish Nation. She’s promoting the play, “Two Can Play That Game: The Stage Play,” that she’s starring in with Vivica Fox and many others. Vivica and Porsha engage in light-hearted banter and compliment each other on air to promote the stage play.

Across town, Kandi and Eva are at a pumpkin patch with their kids, discussing Eva’s upcoming birthday/Halloween party. Eva wants to celebrate her official move to Atlanta and needs Kandi’s help with the guest list. Eva decides to invite all the women since she’s still new to the scene and hasn’t created enemies — yet.

Later that week, Eva, Cynthia and NeNe go shopping for Halloween costumes to wear to Eva’s birthday party. “Well, you know, I spoke to Kandi the other day and she told me that she made up with Kim [Zolciak Biermann],” Cynthia shares. “I’m sure she invited her.” NeNe could care less about Kim attending the party and flips her hair in Cynthia’s face. As fans know, NeNe and Kim faced off on social media over the controversial video Kim sent to all the ladies during their Barcelona trip. The video showed water bugs crawling around NeNe’s bathroom. But NeNe is not deterred by Kim attending and even jokes about roaches, “Yasss, girl!” she sarcastically announces. “I’m gonna be at Eva and Kandi’s party eating plenty of roaches. I love it.”

Over at Sheree’s chateau, she’s finally finished her basement, and I must admit — Sheree wins the best HGTV basement award — she went all out. She even has a room for massage chairs. She’s invited Kandi and Cynthia over to tour her finished basement and spills some tea about Porsha. According to Sheree, Porsha called Shamea after the Barcelona trip and told Shamea not to trust anyone, especially Sheree. Sheree’s pissed and says she’s done defending Porsha.

Porsha is set to hit the stage for her play, “It’s time for the Two Can Play That Game: The Stage Play,” but has nervous jitters because her family is going to be there, but she doesn’t know if any of the other women are going to show up. But much to her surprise, Shamea, Kenya, and Cynthia show up to see the play.

At Eva’s party, NeNe manages to turn a negative into a positive, “We’re here to get these roaches up out of here,” NeNe joked, pretending to spray poison as Gregg followed behind her as a massive roach. Cynthia taps into her masculine side. Sheree and Eva both dressed as Cleopatra. Kandi is dressed as Sexy Pennywise. Kenya is dressed as a fat Victoria Secret’s model. Kim shows up wearing a tired Dollar General looking Playboy Bunny. And Marlo stayed true to her gold-digger roots, dressed as Nisi from B*A*P*S and brought an old rich white man to the party as her Mr. Blakemore. 

NeNe and Gregg steal the show, and manage to snatch Kim’s entire soul in the process. No question NeNe wins the best costume award!

Sheree tries to confront Porsha about what she said to Shamea, and Porsha is more concerned with how Sheree saw her text. Sheree explains that she’s had Porsha’s back and that Porsha doesn’t know how to be a friend. Then Kim and Porsha’s sister get into a shouting match. Porsha takes a few swipes at Kim over lack of character — which is laughable on its own.

Then Marlo and Porsha get into it but Porsha attempts to remove herself from the situation, but Marlo starts chasing Porsha around the party shouting at her.

NeNe tries to cool the tension by telling Porsha to apologize but Porsha is over it and says everyone is fake.

The ladies shared partying words:

  • Cynthia is still “getting to know” Will after nine months of dating.
  • Tyrone is scheduled for release in 2022.
  • Kandi is planning an OLG food truck.
  • Kenya still isn’t living full-time with her husband.
  • NeNe is still doing her “comedy” “show.”

Tune in next week for the explosive reunion!


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