Exclusive Interview: Karen Huger Drags #RHOP Costars; Reveals the Truth About Her Marriage & Husband’s Finances!

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Karen Huger - RHOP

Karen Huger is setting the record straight in wake of explosive allegations about marital issues, whopping debt, and drama with her RHOP co-stars in an exclusive interview with AllAboutTheTea.com.

“Season three fans need to buckle up and enjoy the ride — I bring it all”…The Real Housewives of Potomac star reveals to AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively. The Grand Dame of Potomac has been a fan favorite since season one, and considered the breakout star of the Bravo reality series.

What can fans expect from the Grand Dame of Potomac in season 3? 

“I soldier up and hold down the household, support my husband and kids, continue to do my part to support the National Alzheimer’s Association in their effort to find a cure for the disease, create a new fragrance line, and still find the time to snatch a few wigs while I’m at it.”

Last year, the Washington Post reported Karen’s husband and his company allegedly owed millions, but according to Karen, “It’s been a year since the Post article and I’m glad it’s in our rearview.

However, many of the ladies attack Karen in the explosive season 3 trailer over the allegations — Karen sheds light on why her co-stars prey on her so much.

“A few of the ladies seem to have a serious problem.   Their continuous attacks directed at me are nothing new, this has been their mode of operation for years. The constant demand to know — and comment on — every detail about my life is borderline obsessive.  It would be comical if it were not so SAD. This season they take it to an all-time low, and attack my family. This is where I draw the line… this is not a game, it’s our lives. ”

The 54-year-old makes it very clear that she will not tolerate slander and is prepared to pursue legal action if necessary.

“I have the power of the pen to enforce a defamation of character lawsuit at any time. So, they really need to back off and stop with the LIES.”  

The Grand Dame of Potomac explains that her RHOP co-stars use her as a scapegoat to cover up “lackluster” lives.

“Some of the girls’ behavior can best summed up as failed attempts to deflect from their own lackluster lives that have no redeeming qualities nor hold any real interest for viewers.They look like very desperate, insecure,(supposedly) GROWN mean girls. My advice to them would be…Straighten up and fly right!  After all your children are watching you and learning from your behavior. Show them how to be true friends, not back stabbing BATCHES it’s an ugly look.”

Karen’s relationship with husband Ray comes into question in season 3 when  she confirms he  asked for a divorce at some point in their marriage. The reality diva clarifies where things currently stand in her marriage.

“We are very happy and in a good place.  Every marriage goes through trials, especially if you’ve been married as long as we have been (21 years).  The challenge is to never give up your vision of the ideal partnership – maintain your mutual love and admiration, continue to grow, and overcome any obstacles in your way. You will see how things play out through the season.  I’m very committed to our marriage.”

Karen Huger - RHOP

With three roller coaster seasons under her belt, Karen Huger is looking forward to new beginnings and shares her opinion on the new girl on the block, Candiace Dillard

“RHOP Season 3 brings lots of change; some friends aren’t friends any longer and new friendships are forged.  As I’m sure you saw in the trailer these women don’t always have your back but when it really counts we are there for each other. I think you’ll see some great moments with me and some of these women that will surprise you.”

She continues: “I really enjoy our newbie Candiace Dillard.  Candiace is electric with her high energy; she’s a hoot!  ”


At 54, Karen Huger looks more f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s than ever. What are her beauty/diet secrets? 

“Since last year I’ve grown exponentially as a wife, mother, and friend.  I also took inventory of my health.  I started a healthy regimen of exercising three times a week, drinking lots of water, and eating well.  The body is a temple and it should be treated as such.” Karen shares with AllAboutTheTea.com.


The Real Housewives of the Potomac
is set to enter our lives again tonight — don’t miss the season 3 premiere on April 1, at 10:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo!


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