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Naomie Olindo Blasts J.D. Madison For ‘Fucking 20 Year Olds’ While His Wife Cries On #SouthernCharm! (Video)

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The fifth season of Southern Charm premieres on April 5 — and fans will see an unexpected relationship hit the skids.

J.D. and Elizabeth Madison’s marriage is seemingly on the rocks, and Bravo cameras captured snippets of the breakdown.

In the Bravo preview clip below, Naomie Olindo publicly blasts J.D. for allegedly cheating on his distraught wife. 

J.D. and Elizabeth both addressed the exposed split on Twitter—but the bottom line remains vague.

J.D. tweeted that the couple has a “great relationship”—and labels divorce rumors “ridiculous.” He did admit that the couple had separated.

He snapped back at Naomie’s on-camera scolding — and called her out for butting into his marriage.

Watch the premiere of Southern Charm — Thursday, April 5, at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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