RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ The Future Is Uncertain For Ryan & Jaclyn After He Wants To Keep His Own Apartment!

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Welcome to day 39 on Married at First Sight! This week the theme is about managing expectations. First up, Ryan and Jaclyn are dining with his mom and dad because he wants to be just like them. Ryan’s mom pulls out the embarrassing baby photos and Jaclyn gives the obligatory, “Ooh, aww.” She too would like to be like his parents, but that would require Ryan to be less selfish and more vulnerable. His parents pearls of wisdom are: in the ups and downs of life, hopefully they will have more ups than downs. Not sure these two can make this claim, but here’s hoping.

Next we join Shawniece and Jephte as they dine on chips and dip and discuss how to have a happy marriage. Jephte says he can’t relate to the white people from his church with happy marriages, so he learned everything he needed to know about marriages from shows like Fresh Prince of Bellaire and My Wife and Kids. It appears that Jephte wants a marriage where problems are solved in thirty minutes. Shawniece explains that her dead aunt was her role model for marriage because they put their marriage first. Jephte thinks kids need to come first because they need their parents, and when the kids don’t need you anymore, you can then tend to the marriage. So many problem with this theory, but I’ll let the “experts” explain it to him.

Onto Molly and Jon who stop by Molly’s mom’s house to help out with painting. Molly’s vision of marriage is being a team. She is feeling closer to Jon but still hasn’t slept with him yet. Jon says it feels good to help out and be part of Molly’s family. When Molly sends Jon to get dinner, she uses the time to talk behind his back with her sisters. Molly says due to their many ups and downs, she doesn’t know what her answer will be on decision day. And she doesn’t know what Jon’s answer will be either. There’s no mention of Jon interviewing or getting a job, which is surprising because that’s real life stress going on for the couple.

Back at Jephte and Shawniece’s place, she is making spaghetti while he questions her cooking acumen. Jephte doesn’t think Shawniece should cook pork and hamburger in the same pan. She kicks him out of the kitchen, but Jephte won’t leave. Instead he criticizes her purchase of organic milk because it smells funny to him. Meanwhile he’s just standing around, eating a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal, not offering to help. Jephte is lucky to have a woman cook for him who’s not his mom.

The guys and gals are getting together separately for more bonding time. The women are meeting at Jaclyn’s house while the men meet at a pool hall. Shawniece shares with the girls her spaghetti story and the added trouble of having to pick out tomatoes from the sauce because Jephte is like a finicky five year-old.

Over at the pool hall, Ryan tells the guys he’s still in the dog house after their get together with Pastor Calvin because it was Saturday and he had to go out even though his sick wife asked him to stay home. And Ryan’s proud that he stood his ground and went out. Jephte and Jon each chime in that if you tell them to do something, they’re not going to do it because they are children don’t like being told what to do. Having said that, I sincerely think Jaclyn asked, not told, Ryan to stay home. He just wanted to continue to get his drink on.

Over with the girls, they are talking about attraction. Shawniece felt it right away with Jephte and her crush has grown every day since. OMG! Don’t we all want someone to say this about us? She asks Molly what she’s learned about herself so far and Molly says she’s learned she overthinks things. On the plus side, she’s a pretty good communicator with Jon. Jaclyn says she and Ryan’s biggest problem is that Ryan won’t compromise at all doesn’t want to travel as much as she does. Jaclyn would like to live abroad for a year, but Ryan won’t consider it. Molly tells Jaclyn she will forever regret not seeing the world if that’s what’s in heart. True dat.


Back at the pool hall, it’s still the Ryan show. Dude, please give someone else the floor. But no. Ryan tells the guys he doesn’t want to get rid of his old apartment because he won’t ditch his boys. Jephte tells him that’s a bad idea. Ryan thinks it’s perfectly fine to hold on to his bachelor pad for six more months, just to make sure things work out. Jon says Ryan needs to learn how to be in a relationship, which is to shut up and nod his head.

Jephte asks Ryan if Jaclyn respects him – which should have been “do they respect each other.” Ryan is rambling like the Energizer Bunny on crack as he explains he shouldn’t have to change, Jaclyn needs to accept him for him. Jephte and Jon both say they came into this process trying to be open and they think Ryan is making a mistake by keeping his apartment. Finally Ryan asks about Jon’s non-sex situation and tells Jon to walk into the room butt-ass naked. Ryan not only can’t receive good advice, he also can’t give it.

A few drinks later, Ryan returns home. He’s in a mood, though. A talking mood. Ryan asks Jaclyn about girls’ time, but then interrupts to say they are nothing like Jon and Molly. Jaclyn’s point is they are both unsure about decision day. Ryan tells Jaclyn that Jephte asked him if she respects him, and it’s clear, in this moment, Jaclyn does not – but that’s because he’s been drinking. She leaves the room and Ryan wants to keep on talking so he talks to the camera. Go to bed, dude.

It’s now day 42 of the marriages. Jon and Molly are going on a rock climbing date planned by Molly because she knows Jon loves rock climbing – which is very cool for her to do that. Jon is way better at climbing, but Molly is having fun, laughing her way through it. They kiss. But just a tiny one.

Next, Ryan is going out to a bar with his friend because he needs to bitch. Apparently, Ryan and Jaclyn got into a fight later that night after the pool hall. Ryan says that Jaclyn turned into a different person and they are living in the upside-down world. Ryan explains it must be the other girls’ fault because he’s great and never wrong, but now Jaclyn is questioning their future, so he is too. His friend is like, Dude, stuff like this is gonna happen when you marry a total stranger and aren’t flexible. When Ryan tells his buddy he wants to keep his apartment, his friend says he can’t just make decisions without first discussing them with his wife. Ryan still doesn’t get it.

The episode wraps with Jephte and Shawniece. She asks about his night with the guys. Jephte says that according to Ryan, Jaclyn is controlling and according to Jon, Molly is cold. Jephte thinks he’s the winner, winner, chicken dinner – as long as the chicken is cooked separately. At this moment, it’s clear, Jephte and Shawniece are the happiest couple.

But all that changes next week. Tune in next time as the pressure mounts and the couples are sent on a road trip before D-Day. Things are gonna get messy.


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