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‘American Woman’ Horror Show: 10 Nightmares About Kyle Richards’ Mother AKA “Big Kathy” Revealed!

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Fans have been hearing all about Kyle Richards’ labor of love on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  the reality star producing a scripted show about her youth, slated to air on Paramount Network, this June.

The project, “American Woman,” stars Alicia Silverstone, who will portray Kyle’s mother, “Big Kathy.” Kyle speaks of her feisty mom fondly, but Jerry Oppenheimer, author of House of Hilton, paints a very different picture.  What kind of woman was Big Kathy? Consider this list of ten nightmares, plucked from numerous reported Big Kathy episodes. 

  • Big Kathy wanted her oldest daughter, Kathy [Hilton], to be a pro between the sheets. According to Ken Richard’s third wife, Sylvia, Big Kathy recruited a young man to teach her daughter sexual techniques — in his van. Ken was reportedly horrified, but Big Kathy told him to mind his own business, because Kathy was HER daughter. Ken was the birth father of Kyle and Kim, but not Kathy.
  • Big Kathy supposedly drugged, then crushed the ankle of Ken’s first wife and mother of three of his children, Evelyn. The shocker allegedly occurred after Evelyn confronted Big Kathy about the affair going on between her and Ken.
  • Big Kathy once fed Ken’s elderly mother, “Maunie,” dog food for lunch. Ken and Big Kathy were living with his mother at the time. She proudly announced the stunt to Ken’s daughter, Diane  while laughing hysterically.
  • On another occasion, Big Kathy dragged the elderly woman back from a  neighborhood wander — throwing her onto the concrete garage floor — a spectacle Diane described as “terrifying.”
  • Ken Richards once claimed that Big Kathy “tried to kill his mother,” by purposely allowing the elderly woman to wander off in frigid winter temperatures, on property Richards owned in upstate New York.
  • Diane Richards witnessed Big Kathy abuse Kim and Kyle, and claimed that she saw her slap the girls and pull their hair, as a punishment for believed misbehavior.  She claims that her father had to jump in and stop her, on numerous occasions. 
  • Kim Richards was routinely responsible for picking Big Kathy up at various bars — driving the family car from the age of twelve years old, in order to rescue her drunk mother. Kim was also also expected to dance and perform  skits on cue, for random men Big Kathy brought into their home.
  • Big Kathy barred Kim and Kyle from attending their father’s wedding to his third wife, Sylvia. The girls were fond of Sylvia, and Oppenheimer writes that the move devastated them, and deeply hurt Ken.
  • Big Kathy convinced her third husband to sell the house that he purchased with his late wife, and invest the $250k in proceeds into renovating her own house. When she died, she left the house to her daughters, and left her husband with nothing. 
  • Diane Richards witnessed Big Kathy try to shove her father down the basement stairs, when she was 18 years old. She described her father “hanging on for his life” after an argument spun out of control. Diane said that her father kept repeating, “she’s absolutely crazy,” and  believes that this was the moment he realized that he was in way over his head. 

The list could go on and on. Kyle’s scripted series will undoubtedly be kinder and gentler on the scary stage mom — how do you think Big Kathy will be portrayed?

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