RECAP: #SisterWives Kody Brown & His Man Bun Are DONE With Meri In Jaw-Dropping Tell-All!

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The cast of Sister Wives began their post-season smackdown Sunday night — the Brown bunch showing up rocking sensible glitter and game day attitudes. Kody is sporting a mean man bun — which all of the ladies adore — except Meri. Kody is feelin’ pretty, and Andrea Canning is leading the way — wasting no time in getting the party started. Robyn offers lofty HBIC analysis along the way, Christine manages to keep her legs still, Meri is Meri, and Janelle’s eyes stay open the entire time.

Parowan or Bust

Meri’s venture to secure a bachelorette pad/ B&B business is revisited — and her reasons for buying the old family house are discussed — again. The investment was dumb but the sentiment was high, and no one quite understood the irritating proposal. Andrea reminds us of Kody’s blurt to the Utah reporter — and Kody reiterates that he has no interest in intimacy with Meri — ever. Ever. Meri hopes that one day he’ll be able to stand the sight of her again. Kody then gets booted off the Tell-All stage — much to the relief of the others. Christine explains the new relaxed dynamic, labeling her faux hubby a big downer. Robyn clarifies that she was happy to see Meri pursuing a dream away from her computer — but is kinda sad that she wants to disengage so far away. 

Where’s Mare?

The ladies banter about Meri’s lonely nest, and how the loveless wet-bar reality has affected the family. The sisters want Meri more involved, but Meri proudly points out that she now puts her phone down for family events. Meri is lost as Moses on the cul-de-sac, but Robyn believes that she’s a majestic cornerstone who needs to ram her edge into family biz more aggressively. Meri is struggling with her foundational role within the clan, especially because she’s out of the marriage bed rotation. Meri and Kody are a mess — and the vibe is wrecking any existing shards of the other relationships. The ladies assure Meri that they want her around — even is she doesn’t like the man-bun. Christine offers empathetic support, and understands the awkward public struggle. Meri gives a silent amen to Christine’s description of her own past disdain of Kody, then admits that she wants to lose the platonic crap, and convince him to put out. Meri wants to fight for her family, and Janelle cheerfully supports  pointing out that the couple’s seething hatred has been simmering down.

Axel’s Entry

Christine’s circular verbal spanking of Meri is rewound — the loony drama linked to Maddie’s controversially horrifying home birth. Meri wasn’t there for the grubby nightmare, but everyone seems to agree that it wasn’t earth-shattering enough for multiple group therapy sessions. Christine tries to clarify her boingy position, and admits that mock tough love can be rough. Meri’s extra large baggage is brought up, and Meri and Christine agree to unpack the glut together.

The Lost Cause

The lawsuit against Utah is addressed, along with the family’s fruitlessly dramatic march on the capitol. TLC drops a funny when they re-zing Janelle’s claim that Kody actually visits her bed, as the family laments being slapped by Utah’s stance. The gang rants and raves about the injustice of it all, and the bold courage it took to take on the disinterested Salt Lake City police force. The group shares that they’re split between landing in Utah or staying put in Vegas. Kody shares that he’s split between thankfulness and horror when he looks back at his own created plural story.

Personality Pickle

Meri declares her and Janelle’s decades-long hate-fest “misunderstandings of personalities,” cramming more denial into their exploding sister duffle. Janelle jumps on that luggage cart, as the duo reminisces about the joyful girl power DC trip with Mariah and Audrey. Meri and Janelle were together but separate, so they take a moment to high five not killing each other. The family agrees that they constantly talk over each other — as if we hadn’t noticed. The chat ends abruptly, and TLC tries to amp next week’s flailing Kody and Meri saga.

Next week, the Brown offspring weigh in, Meri begs for Kody’s bod and Kody reveals that his bod is in high demand elsewhere. 


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