#RHOA RECAP: Tyrone Proposes to Sheree & Kenya’s Mystery Husband Shows His Face!

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Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was chock full of o’nuts! Who remembers that coffee from back in the day? Anyway, before I dive into Kenya Moore’s mystery husband and his nose ring, let’s get into Porsha Williams on a date with her Dish Nation boss, Rickey Smiley. She’s taking a break amid her grueling play rehearsals and recording sessions for her podcast. They laugh and flirt while discussing Porsha’s plans for the future — she wants a baby but has no time. Rickey offers to help her practice dating and baby-making. Are they really trying to sell us this Rickey/Porsha romance? Porsha’s so obsessed with having a storyline that she’s recruited Rickey Smiley as her love interest. 

Cynthia Bailey is working at the Bailey Agency when Kenya stops by and immediately blurts out “It’s hard being a wife.” Really Kenya? The quasi best friends catch up about NeNe’s drama over getting dropped from Kandi Burruss‘ Xscape tour, then dive into Kenya’s domestic abuse PSA, which has now morphed into a half-hour special. Let’s be clear, Kenya’s PSA is storyline and will not go anywhere after the season ends.

Next, we catch up with boss lady, Kandi at the Kandi Koated Factory. She informs her business manager, Don Juan, that she’s put an offer on the building across the street. Don Juan thinks Kandi is out her mind but Todd interjects by comparing Kandi’s entrepreneurial spirit to Oprah Winfrey. Really Todd? The trio then discuss NeNe’s dilemma being kicked off the tour. Kandi and NeNe are friends now, so she feels bad that NeNe’s awful joke has broken her down emotionally. Todd agrees, “It’s a joke – she’s a comedienne,” he reminds us, adding that President Trump has grabbed pussy. In other words, NeNe should be allowed to joke about rape if Trump can grab pussies. We get it, Todd. 

Over at Sheree Whitfield’s chateau, renovations are in full swing but her interior designer needs more time to complete her 5,000 square feet luxury basement — which is low-key a night club. She’s getting her basement done for her boyfriend, Tyrone — who’s already claiming the basement as his own. Sheree gets a collect call from Tyrone. The two discuss Sheree’s basement renovations — and Sheree’s prison bae must have transferred money from his books to her because he has a lot of input about how she should decorate her basement. Sheree says that she wants a destination wedding and Tyrone’s on board. Does he have a choice? Tyrone says that he’s “too blessed to be stressed” and right at that moment, the recording comes in and says, “This is a call from a federal prison.”

Meanwhile, NeNe and her son Brentt are at home discussing his future plans since graduating high school. He wants to follow in his mama’s footsteps and become a comedian. Sorry, but this boy has been on TV for over a decade and never ever said a damn thang that’s funny. Brentt, is under the belief that comedy made NeNe rich and he wants to roll in the dough too. Poor Brentt, he talks like he has mashed potatoes in his mouth and brain, even Bravo shades the youngster by using subtitles for him. 

Kenya has invited a few domestic violence survivors as guests to her PSA unveiling. She’s gathered gowns for them to wear, and brought in hair and makeup for them, and they all look beautiful at the screening, however, Kenya manages to make the event all about about her.

Sheree’s daughter is home from college and Sheree decides to tell her about her prison bae – Tyrone! Her daughter seems to have more sense than the mother and bluntly drags her for dating a criminal behind bars. “There’s a lot of fish in the sea and you go for the jail bait,” Kaleigh slams her mother. She does not hide her disdain for her mother’s choice. 

It’s finally time for the PSA event and Marc Daily makes his long awaited SURPRISE debut. Kenya has the biggest kool-aid smile as she introduces Marc to the ladies. When Sheree meets him, she drops some shade about his nose ring — he got it done two years ago in NYC’s gay capital of the world, “the village.” Marc makes his rounds with his wife, and Cynthia hugs him a few times. Marc’s clearly uncomfortable and his interactions are awkward. Through gritted teeth, Marc says he’s proud his wife. According to Kenya — Marc is a newlywed in love with her, can’t keep his hands off her, but he spoke to her in one scene with his arms crossed. Something is off.

Tune in next week for the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta


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