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Just Sad! #SisterWives Star Kody Brown Rejects Meri Sexually! (Video)

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Kody and Meri Brown discuss their frigid relationship on Sunday’s Sister Wives Tell-All special, giving fans an unsurprising update. In a preview clip of tonight’s episode, Meri and Kody’s lifeless marriage is put in the hot-seat when host, Andrea Canning, digs for intimate details about the duo’s crashed relationship.

Canning asks Kody to explain his “need to share” the obvious news that Meri is off his bed rotation — during a filmed phone call during the couple’s  drive to Parowan Utah.

“I was feeling a little snarky. Not towards Meri, but towards this law,” he says, referring Utah’s decision to keep polygamy illegal.

“It was kind of mixed, honestly,” Meri replies when asked about her reaction to Kody’s blurt. “Part of me was like wait we don’t need to share every little bit of information about our lives. But at the same time, it’s time to start being real and honest.”

Meri recently confirmed via Twitter that she was not leaving the brood, despite her purchase of a Utah home, hours from Las Vegas.

Canning requests a cringeworthy update on the once legally married couple’s interest in intimacy — and while Kody confirms that his is zilch — Meri maintains hope for “more of a relationship.” Meri also implies that Kody is the holdout, when it comes to working through their messy issues.

Do you believe that Kody and Meri have any shot at getting back their plural spark?

Watch Part 1 of the Sister Wives Tell-All spectacle tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC.   


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