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VIDEO — Kenya Moore’s Supposed Husband Comes Out of Hiding to Help Save Her Job!

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Kenya Moore’s hubby hold-out will come to an end on March 25th.

Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers will finally get a Bravo looksie at Kenya’s claimed spouse, Marc Daly.

The couple has not allowed cameras to peek into their marriage — but it appears that Bravo’s threatened pink slip has been a game changer. The cast teases Kenya about getting a glimpse of her camera-shy guy at a gala screening for her domestic violence PSA — and Kenya hints that her mystery man will once again, be a no-show.

“He’s working and he was just like ‘I can’t but I send you my love.” Kenya says. “He cannot get on a plane by himself girl. I have to book the ticket, I have to pick out his clothes,” she adds.

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waits for Kenya’s big moment on stage, to slip in and blow the woman of  the hour a kiss. Did Kenya just use the word “daily” to cue her man’s grand entrance?

“I want to thank the people who hold me up daily and I want to thank you girls,” Kenya says, before Daly sneaks in to steal the spotlight.

The cast has been chattering all season about Kenya’s reported marriage — weighing in on the secret island ceremony, and the ongoing refusal to allow her one-and-only on camera. 

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The couple walked their first red carpet earlier this month, where Daly addressed the faux husband rumors. “Honestly, I just laugh at it. I know I’m real, and she knows I’m real and that’s all that matters,” Daly quipped to Entertainment Tonight, at the Elton John Aids Foundation Oscar party.

Kenya, 47, reportedly drops an IVF pregnancy bomb during the reunion taping — likely trying to secure her peach, after Bravo put her diva demands in check.

Do you think that Marc Daly popped in to save his reality star’s wife’s paycheck? Sound off in the comment section!


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