RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ Things Get Heated When Ryan Refuses To Give Up Bachelor Life!

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We return to Married at First Sight right where we left off – with Jephte walking out on Shawniece because he wouldn’t participate in the phone swap challenge. From his car, Jephte calls his friend Antonio and says he doesn’t want to do this anymore. Ruh-roh! And it’s not even Shawniece’s fault. This was a trust exercise assigned by the “experts.” Antonio tells Jephte to put his big boy pants on and grow the eff up.


The couples have three weeks until decision day so Pastor Calvin is dropping by to check in with Jon and Molly – because Lord knows they need it. The Pastor talks with Molly first. She explains that although they haven’t been intimate yet, she has hope that someday before her eggs take a hike they will have sex. Molly says Jon is her ideal husband once he gets a job and she wants to work on showing affection because she still isn’t feeling it. Pastor Calvin tells the couple not to stress over where they are – or rather, where they aren’t – but to concentrate on building a strong foundation. (Insert emoji thumbs up.)

Next, we check in with Shawniece. She’s tired, but happy that Jephte returned home and brought two roses. Shawniece tells Jephte she’s okay with the fact that he needed space, but say something, man. Students in his class can’t just walk out. Get a hall pass next time because they’re married and stuck with each other – for now. They laugh over how broken and sad Shawniece looked when Jephte walked out. O-kay?

The guys are having a night out with Pastor Calvin to discuss their marriages. PasCal tells the guys their challenge for next week is to establish marriage goals with their wives. Where are they going? What are they doing? You know, questions that should have been asked months ago before signing up for this experiment.

Ryan asks what if one of the goals scares the hell out him and causes him to stay out late drinking with the boys. What then? Here’s what happened, apparently Jaclyn told Ryan she has a gypsy soul and wants to travel. Ryan is now freaking out because he doesn’t want to get stuck with their imaginary children. Pastor Calvin tries to talk Ryan off the ledge by saying, Dude, this hasn’t happened yet. He recommends an extended vacation for the couple at some point, but Ryan is about to jump regardless because he doesn’t want to take care of their imaginary children all by his lonesome. The solution is so simple, dude. Get an imaginary nanny. Problem solved.

Pastor Calvin explains to us what’s really going on is called: self-sabotage. Ryan is scared and trying to get out of the marriage all because Jaclyn was expressing her soul. Bottom line, Ryan doesn’t want to change. He wants Jaclyn to fit into his world, not create a world of their own. Pastor Cal says if there’s fear in the marriage, love will not grow. Ryan should tattoo that on his ass.

Poor Jon and Jephte have questions too, I’m sure, but Ryan is hogging all the attention. And when Pastor Calvin says the word “submissive” Ryan all but freaks out, saying that’s never happened, especially in the bedroom. Seriously, dude? No one said anything about the bedroom. The Pastor asks, So how’s that working for you? As you know, Ryan has never had a successful relationship thus far, so I don’t know what’s happening in the bedroom.

Flash forward a few hours and Ryan has returned home, buzzed and in a bad mood. Poor Jaclyn has no idea what’s going on so she records herself on her phone, explaining that she’s sick and has asked Ryan to stay home with her, but instead he walked out with his friend. She says she’s over it. Girl, call your daddy.

It’s a nice afternoon and Jephte and Shawniece are sitting on their front steps, setting marriage goals. Shawniece would like to go to Paris. Jephte would like to have five kids in five years and then adopt one or two. Plus, they will all play football. Shawniece says she’s scared to have kids because it will bring out the mama bear in her. Their goal is to travel for two years then get busy having the football team.

Back with Jaclyn and Ryan, things are quite cool during macaroni Monday. Also on the menu is Ryan’s behavior from last night. Jaclyn says she asked Ryan to stay home with her, but Ryan says he was told to stay home, and no one can tell him what to do. Great. He’s one of those. When Ryan brings up her gypsy soul, Jaclyn clarifies she would never leave her imaginary kids. She wants to travel before having imaginary kids. But Jaclyn is concerned how Ryan handles stress – which is to go out and drink with the boys – and she’s beginning to understand she may not fit into his life. Jaclyn asks Ryan, does he want slack or a marriage?

Truthfully, I don’t think Ryan was ready to get married. He accuses Jaclyn of arguing with him for the sake of arguing, which is not true. She is making valid points. Here’s the thing with Ryan, he comes first. He says he wants to be married to Jaclyn forever, but will it be a fulfilling marriage or a marriage of convenience? I think we know, but do they?

The couples are going on a group date for trapeze lessons sets up by Shawniece because she’s cool like that. Talk about taking a leap of faith. Shawniece goes first and she’s pretty good. Not ready to run away and join the circus just yet, but with practice, maybe. Jephte reluctantly agrees to go second. He’s afraid of heights, so mad points for stepping out of his comfort zone. All the couples participate and no one gets hurt.

The women walk away to have some girl-talk. They discuss the upcoming decision day. Molly says she’s “very unprepared” to make a decision right now. Shawniece is nervous, but has confidence in their couplehood. Jaclyn says she’s “pretty committed” and states they have been making adjustments every day.

Over with the guys, Ryan shares his story of staying out late because nobody tells him what to do. Jephte calls him petty and Jon says what he did was stupid. How you like your boys telling you that, Ryan? Jon explains that maybe Jaclyn needs more time with him because of the looming decision day. Jephte says he doesn’t like decision day. If the experts picked them, why do they have to do this? Umm, because it’s a reality show. Duh. Jephte then says something reality show perfect- If he gets pushed, it’s going to get ugly. Reality show gold!

Back at their place, Ryan says he’s feeling hopeful for the future. This boy changes his emotions as much as his underwear. Ryan says maybe one day he’ll actually fall in love with Jaclyn. And this is awkward. Would a person know by now if being in-love were possible? If nothing else, Ryan says he’s having fun on the roller coaster ride, and that’s all that matters, right? It’s okay. We know Jaclyn is contemplating getting off the roller coaster.

Elsewhere it’s Jon’s birthday and Molly has taken him out. Guess what he won’t be getting? Instead, Molly gives Jon the next best thing, a gift card to his favorite store! And a peck on the lips which is icing on the cake. Happy birthday, Jon, you lucky dog!

Tune in next week as Jon and Molly grow closer, Jaclyn and Ryan grow apart, and Jephte and Shawniece fight over spaghetti. Really?


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