David Beador’s Girlfriend Threatens & Trolls #RHOC Fans Over Social Media Posts! (Exclusive)

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Fans know that former Real Housewives of Orange County husband, David Beador, quickly rebounded after splitting from his Bravoleb wife — snagging younger girlfriend, Lesley Cook. Shannon is famous for her high-volume tantrums on the Bravo hit — and it appears that her ex has a type.

Cook is swiftly gaining a rep for clapping back on social media — confirming that David has a live one on his hands.

As reported, Cook has already brazenly inserted herself in the ex-couple’s messy custody battle, inviting juvenile drama via social media taunts.

Instagram users are beginning to report a pattern of crazy — Cook’s defensive blasts aimed at anyone who dare weigh in on the rebound romance. Viewers have been sounding off — and the chatter is only gaining steam. 

“Yeah i got jumped all day. and that never happens. those white girls are thirsty for Davids money.” 

“Omg this Bitch is Relentless!!!! No wonder why she has a restraining order placed on her.”

“He is going to marry her crazy ass.”

“David Beador girlfriend is nuts. i went on davids page telling him to tell his girl to be more caring for his girls sake. he was totally cool. she is going off on his post to me. i was sooo nice too. she is a live fucking wire beware!!!!!”

We have also heard that Cook is allegedly controlling David’s accounts — users reporting simultaneous blocks coming from David and his fiery girlfriend. Some have even reported Cook privately messaging them, defensively responding to their comments.

Cook apparently also takes issue with media outlets reposting her social media snaps.

All About the Tea recently shared an unexpectedly hot photo (see below) — a click of Cook’s designer shoes. David “liked” the post — and AllAboutTheTea’s Instagram post triggered a snippy warning from the mother of two. 


DM’d AllAboutTheTea.com the following message after we posted the above photo of her closet filled with designer shoes.

then privatized her account — and ten minutes later, David’s Instagram account was deactivated. 

David may have escaped the public clutch of reality TV — but it looks like he may have swapped one bad dream for a social media nightmare. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County will premiere later this year. 


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