Shannon Beador’s Daughters NOT Happy With Sharing Custody With Cheating Daddy!

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Shannon and David Beador’s custody battle may be over in the courtroom but not everyone is happy with the final outcome!

On March 16, a judge ordered joint physical and legal custody of their three teenage daughters — Sophie, 16, and 12-year-old twins Stella and Adaline to both parents. And the Beador girls are “furious,” about the decision, according to a new report.

“The girls understand that they will have to follow the court’s orders, but they just think it is extremely messed up,” the insider tells Radar. “They do not want to be around him when all he does is talk s**t about their mom,” the source alleged.

“On the other hand,” added the source, “Shannon doesn’t need to say anything bad about their father because they already know what type of man he is. They witnessed firsthand the hell that he put her through and they still love him anyways because he is their dad!”

David informed the judge that he was only being allowed 15% visitation time.

The Beador daughters are also not happy with David’s new girlfriend, Lesley Cook, who has a sordid background. 

“They do not want to be around their father’s new girlfriend right now, nor do they want him to talk about this woman around them,” the source told Radar.

“Honestly, those girls are just so involved in school and being kids that they barely have any time for themselves,” according to the source. “David knows this and he still tries to blame it on Shannon.”

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