#RHOA RECAP: Kandi Verbally Annihilates Kim ‘Who the F-ck You Cussing At!’ Over Dependency on Kroy!

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Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicks off with the ladies back in the ATL after an exhausting Barcelona trip, and the drama didn’t stay in Spain. Over at the Burruss compound, Mama Joyce pays Kandi Burruss and little Ace a visit. Kandi updates her mama on the drama that went down in Barcelona — Kim Zolciak‘s video of bugs crawling around NeNe Leaks‘ bathroom and Marlo Hampton and Porsha Williams‘ blow up. Mama Joyce has a soft spot for Porsha after last season’s rape scandal, and reveals that the two had a private meeting. She shares that Porsha was manipulated by Phaedra Parks but Kandi is not swayed. Kandi feels Porsha is not that dumb!

Across town, Porsha and her sister meet for lunch. She informs Lauren that she and NeNe “kind of made up,” in Barcelona and she’s taking NeNe’s advice to “take the silver bullet from the girls,” own her part in the scandal and keep it moving.

A bone collector’s job is never done, Sheree Whitfield is holding a gossip sesh with Kim Zolciak at Chateau Sheree. Kim is all over the place, justifying her daughter, Brielle, videotaping critters in NeNe’s bathroom and slams NeNe about an infamous rape joke gone wrong. Ms. Red Solo Cup Kim talks about NeNe calling her a racist and having to spend $20K to shut NeNe up legally. Kim then says NeNe’s whole life is a lie and accuses the comedienne of abusing drugs.

At the same time, NeNe debriefs her husband Gregg and her son about the trip and the roach video drama playing out on social media. NeNe explains how the video has gone viral and a war has erupted between herself, Kim and Brielle. NeNe called Kim and her entire family #RacistTrash after seeing some of Brielle’s comments on Instagram in regards to the supposed roaches in NeNe’s home. “It sounds very racial, when you are speaking to an African-American person and talking about roaches, because people feel you’re associating that with the ghetto or trash. Black people do not receive that very well,” NeNe explains in a talking head confessional. She tells Gregg that Kim has served her with a cease and desist letter. 

Meanwhile, Sheree and Kandi meet for lunch to catch up. Kandi begins by explaining NeNe’s removal from the Xscape tour. The group didn’t want the negativity surrounding their comeback, and promoters did not want to risk advertisers pulling out over the scandal, she explains to Sheree. Kandi’s sympathetic towards NeNe, while Sheree trash talks NeNe and accuses Kandi of condoning rape.

Let’s be real for a second — Sheree does not give a damn about Kandi or the subject of rape, she’s questioning anyone who has an ounce of loyalty to NeNe. They also discuss Kim/Brielle and NeNe’s #RoachGate war on social media. Sheree sides with octomom Kim on the roach debacle. Kandi mentions that she and Kim have plans to meet for lunch soon. Sheree acts surprised.

Over at NeNe’s house, she’s dealing with backlash from her rape comment. Kandi has informed her that she’s been removed as host of the Xscape tour. NeNe made headlines when she responded to a heckler at her comedy show by telling the woman that she hopes she gets raped by her Uber driver. The stress of the situation is too much for NeNe, who suffers an emotional breakdown. In the midst of NeNe unraveling, Marlo and Cynthia Bailey show their pal some sisterly support with a house call. NeNe cries to the ladies, asserting that it was a quick reaction to a woman telling her to “kill herself,” but she deeply regrets ever saying it.

Later in the week, Kandi and Kim are finally meeting for lunch after years of not hanging out. Kim arrives 90 minutes late, and immediately announces that Kroy dropped her off. Kim’s Uber driver Kroy has officially taken over Sweetie’s job. Remember Kim’s former slave assistant Sweeeeetie? Their convo starts with Kim’s unhealthy dependency on Kroy at events. Kim questions why Kandi is bothered that her husband chauffeurs everywhere. “Hold on, Kandi, this is my husband texting me because he’s at Costco,” Kim interrupted. “I sent him to Costco.”

Kandi explains that, “It’s not about being dropped off. Really, it’s not. It’s about being present. It’s not just me saying it.”

Kim then labels the other women “jealous,” of her. But Kandi does not back down. “Stop this jealousy bullshit!” Kandi says in a talking head confessional. “Nobody’s jealous of you, OK?”

“This is not what I’m saying,” Kandi tells Kim. “I’m saying a lot of times, it seems like you’re just looking for an excuse to leave.”

Kim’s blood starts to boil with Kandi. “Give me an example!” she barks. As Kandi starts to explain her point, Kim interrupts.

They verbally spar back and forth until Kim raises her voice and drops an “f” bomb, at which point Kandi promptly shuts her down.

“Who the f*ck you cussing at?!” Kandi fired back. “Calm down! Are we having a conversation?”

“I’m just getting very irritated,” Kim replied, to which Kandi said, “Well if you’re getting irritated, do what the f*ck you normally do and take your ass on and get in that car. Now what I wanted to do was have a cool conversation with you, but if you wanna go there, I will.”

After Kandi verbally annihilates Kim, they both calm down and order calamari & fish tacos. The mood strangely shifts (clearly production intervened and made them take a break) and the convo switches to their families and NeNe’s rape scandal. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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