#SisterWives Mariah Manipulates Mom Meri Brown Into Going to A Gay Bar! (Video)

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Meri Brown steps wayyyy out of her comfort zone on tonight’s episode of Sister Wives — all in an effort to get closer to her daughter, Mariah.

Mariah and her girlfriend, Audrey, decide to visit a gay bar, and Meri — still trying to win back Mariah’s heart after the catfish fiasco — is along for the ride.

In a preview clip of tonight’s episode below, Meri admits that she is completely out of her element, as the trio checks out the kitschy watering hole.

“I feel too old to be here,” Meri admits. “How many daughters drag their mom to the bar with them?”

The ladies explore the downstairs, which is set up like a retro arcade.

“When Mariah first told us that she was gay, I felt like a failure as a mom for not seeing it,” Meri says in a confessional spot. “Then I felt like a failure as a mom, as a person, as a human for struggling with it.”

Meri confirms that “coming out” has invited peace into Mariah’s life — the personal interview segments giving viewers relief from the awkward mother/daughter/girlfriend interaction.

Who’s ready to cringe? Then don’t miss Sister Wives, tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC.


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