RECAP: ‘Married to Medicine’ Cecil Talks About Another Woman & Quad’s In the Hot Seat!

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It’s been a heavy season on Married to Medicine, and part two of the reunion was no different. We start off with the news that Simone Whitmore and husband, Cecil, are divorcing. The ladies seem devastated by the news, and Heavenly Kimes even apologizes for teasing Simone about her marital problems this season.

Simone hasn’t felt love and respect from Cecil in over a decade, and while they’re not parting on bad terms, the decision is a final one. While things may have looked great from the outside, Cecil has been emotionally unavailable. Simone doesn’t blame the show for her breakup, either. She lays all the blame on Cecil.

Toya Bush-Harris doesn’t agree. She claims Cecil doesn’t want a divorce, and that’s when Simone goes off. She gets in Toya’s face, saying Cecil refused to do what it took to keep the marriage together. At this point, Dr. Jackie Walters inserts herself between Toya and Simone. Probably for Toya’s safety, because this is the Simone we’ve seen a few times before—the angry, screaming, arm-waving woman on the edge of losing control.

All of the ladies are in tears by now — except for Contessa, who’s been wearing a stank face since the show started. Quad Webb-Lunceford feels that her marriage is a mirror image of Simone’s, and that she’s given everything to Dr. Gregory without receiving love and respect in return. As for Dr. Jackie, she’s supportive of Simone, though she still loves Cecil.

Andy checks on Mariah Huq backstage after her meltdown over Heavenly childishly using a Sharpie to draw horns and a beard on Mariah’s poster. Mariah calls it vandalism. While her husband, Dr. Aydin, decides to join the men for the next segment, Mariah will sip on some more champs before coming back to the sofa. She even has a safe word in case Heavenly gets out of line: purple.

Next, Andy brings out the men separately. They gather around a bar and chat, while the women sit backstage and watch. Dr. Eugene has lost forty pounds and looks like he may have his blood pressure under control. Greg still sounds like Steve Urkel. Damon is as quiet as ever, and newbie, Scott, claims he likes being on TV. Curtis, still a cheater, says he and Jackie are working on their marriage after a very tough season.

Andy asks Cecil about the divorce from Simone. Cecil says he’s not the only one to blame. Both parties felt the other wouldn’t put in the work to save the marriage. Cecil tears up as Aydin expresses his sorrow over the news. Scott claims that Simone and Cecil were the couple that everyone emulated. To see them split has rocked the group. Damon notices that Cecil is still wearing his ring, and that gives him hope that the couple can find a way back to each other.

From the beginning of the season, Curtis’s infidelity was a lightning rod for the other couples. The women gave their husbands fair warning that cheating would not be tolerated. But Curtis called foul when Eugene made a few swipes at him during his interview time with Toya. Eugene defended himself, saying he was a moral man and when he took his vows, he took them seriously. Curtis thinks Eugene is judgmental. (Then so am I, Curtis!)

Andy then asks how the men deal with their alpha female wives. For Greg, Quad is a challenge to his ego. As for Eugene, Toya brought their sex life, or lack of it, into the spotlight. Now we all know that Eugene likes to wank off after a stressful night at work. But what really upset him was Toya claiming her freak number was ten. Bull, says Eugene. They’re perfectly fine with middle of the road freak deaky behavior. No whips or chains or Rick James kinkiness. All this is too much information for Daddy Damon to take.

Andy asks Damon to clarify his statement that men look at cheating differently than women do. According to Damon, most men have behaved badly and their women have been forgiving. But what man would accept that same behavior from his wife? Damon can’t think of any. If a woman cheats, she’s out of the house.

After wrapping up cheating talk with the men, the ladies are back on the sofa with the men sitting behind them. Mariah joins in and tries hard to squeeze an apology out of Heavenly. Good luck! Andy wonders why Mariah brought a life sized poster of herself to the reunion in the first place. For ambiance, duh!

Now it’s Dr. Jackie’s turn in the hot seat. We look back over the season, seeing Jackie’s pain over Curtis’s public infidelity. Throughout the season, he blames her for not giving him enough time. So…was it really Jackie’s fault that Curtis screwed around? Surely there was another way to get his wife’s attention? Curtis admits that he made a terrible decision, and he’s grateful that Jackie’s taken him back. Stoic Jackie sits on and listens stone-faced. Curtis says he’s not placing the blame on Jackie—even though he has all season—and says he now takes the responsibility for his “bad decision.”

While Jackie may not trust him yet, she’s working on it. She still feels hurt and anger. But she’s trying to heal and move on. Being on a TV show hasn’t made the process any easier. On the upside, Curtis has made his way back into the bedroom, and she’s dismissed the divorce.

Now moving onto Quad and Greg’s marriage. We were treated to a flashback of their arguments over the season. Quad wants to feel resected and appreciated by her husband. Greg says he appreciates Quad and tries to show it. He points out her bracelet that cost ten thousand and her Range Rover that cost fifty G’s. But Quad says she isn’t about money. Greg says they used to have fun together. And he still wants a family life with Sunday dinners around the kitchen table. Quad says she wants a baby, but she’s not willing to bring one into the dysfunctional relationship they have now.

Mariah points out that Quad seems to think only about herself. Greg nods in agreement. Quad says she’s shut down, and they aren’t in tune with each other. Quad claims she loves her husband, but she’s not a big fan of his behavior and she can’t continue to live with all this hostility. This is when Greg admits that he and a friend met up with two girls and they went back to a hotel together.

And there is the cliffhanger, kids! Did Greg cheat? And is this the reason Quad can’t stand his touch? Is Simone making the right decision by divorcing Cecil? Or is Jackie the one making a big mistake? What’s your take? Sound off in the comments!


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