RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ Jephte & Shawniece’s Marriage Hit A Rough Patch Over Trust Issues!

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So far the couples on Married at First Sight have been married for 4 ½ weeks, no doubt questioning their better judgment right about now. We begin with Ryan and Jaclyn who are in a big fight. Ryan stayed out late with his friends, but he doesn’t like being on a tight leash. He’s not a dog, technically. In a selfie video, Ryan says if the leash doesn’t get loosened he doesn’t see this relationship lasting. Tough talk from the fireman who’s unwilling to change. Today’s he’s volunteering with a friend and unloads on the poor dude. His friend’s advice is to communicate better.

We check in with Jaclyn who is also questioning her decision to marry at first sight. She calls her dad for some much needed sage advice. Dad points out that up until a few weeks ago, these two crazy kids were single, doing what they wanted. And now they’re not. Jaclyn says she wants Ryan to make time for her and take the marriage seriously. Jaclyn’s dad wishes her the best of luck during her final four weeks, though I’m not sure he’s very optimistic.

Over at Jephte and Shawniece’s house, the mood is better. Tonight they are answering questions from the fish bowl while in bed. The first question asks about pet names. Shawniece gives Jephte the name Papa Bear because he’s her new daddy. Eww. So what does Jephte give Shawniece? Nada. Not as a pet name – because he doesn’t do pet names. The next question to Jephte is when does he feel sexiest? Jephte doesn’t know what this means. Come on, Jephte. Are you for reals? Just say in the morning. Shawniece says she feels sexiest when she’s with Jehpte. Boom! That’s how a grown-up answers that question. Jephte admits he wasn’t prepared for everything that comes along with marriage – like communicating.

No surprise Molly and Jon have still not had sex and Jon has given up talking about it. So what’s a couple do for fun? Play cards! I wish I was making this up. They play Truth or Lie and laugh their way through it when probably they want to cry.

Jephte and Shawniece are on a double date. The other couple asks about living together and dividing chores. Shawniece says that Jephte is stubborn and doesn’t clean. Jephte’s pal explains that guys can get over stuff, but girls need to talk about it. Thanks Captain Obvious. We learn that Jephte has never been in a relationship, so he doesn’t understand what communication is. Light bulb! It’s like this, Jephte, when you give your students homework and they do it, that’s you communicating.

Back with Jaclyn and Ryan, they are dining on take-out chicken parmesan. Ryan apologizes for cancelling their date last night because this has led to another fight. Jaclyn is worried this is becoming a pattern. She tries to communicate her feelings, but Ryan talks over her and explains that her misperception of him is her problem. Ryan says he’s willing to change as long as it doesn’t require changing who he is. Somehow Jaclyn takes the blame, but this has a boomerang effect and Ryan apologizes for hanging with the boys instead of her. They kiss.

All three of the women are meeting with Dr. Jessica over burgers and fries to see how their marriages are progressing. They are told to write down a number between 1 and 10 to describe where they are right now. One: wants out of the marriage immediately and Ten: blissfully happy. Spoiler alert: there are no 10’s. But get this, Molly gives her marriage a 7. Pah-lease, they are a 5 at best. Shawniece gives her marriage a 7.9, which I’ll give her that. And Jaclyn gives her marriage an 8, which is an overshoot, but just a smidge. 

Dr. Jessica explains that in the beginning of a marriage people tend to lose themselves because they are so focused on the other person – which is good – but at the end of the day, there’s nothing left for themselves. Dr. Jess wants the women focus on self-care because this lessens the chance of resentment building. (Too late.)

Molly bounces home, eager to share this new information with Jon. She explains the 1 to 10 exercise and Jon asks if Molly rated them a 3 because that’s what he would have given them. Molly explains she’s been instructed to take care of herself so she doesn’t lose herself. Jon tells her not to worry, that hasn’t happened. I’m detecting some passive/aggressive behavior from Jon. Molly thinks they’re talking about getting her nails done. It’s not about the nails, Molly! Jon brings up how he wants sex, so should he just go out and get it done? It’s official. I’m detecting passive/aggressive behavior.

Jaclyn and Ryan are also on a date. He’s being punished for cancelling that last date because Jaclyn has chosen an art class where they will be sketching a nude model. Here’s what I call the nude model’s pose: guy in prison shower picking up a bar of soap. Can you get the visual? Ryan is not enjoying this and his stick figure shows it. Actually, in the end (get it) his drawing is better than Jaclyn’s.

Next, Molly and Jon are on a date at the gun range. These two are competitive with target shooting. The good news is, Molly finds Jon very sexy when he’s in his shooting stance and his muscles are ripped. Will it lead to anything? Of course not!

Homework time! It’s an exercise in trust. For one hour the couples will exchange phones and give full access to their partner. Wow. That’s a biggie. Right away, Jephte says no way, and he’s not kidding. Jon says no way, too, but he’s kidding. This lesson is to determine how much social media should play into their relationship and how to navigate privacy. For Jacklyn and Ryan it’s no big deal. They do it and have no issues. Yay!

So Jephte’s reason for not doing the exercise is because it’s not organic – whatever that means. Shawniece says she’ll give him five minutes to clean up whatever he needs to, but Jephte still says no way. He claims they aren’t there yet. Jephte says he’s not hiding anything, he’s just not good with authority, said the teacher. Shawniece says she’s not mad, but oh yes she is. She tells Jephte he needs to get right with himself. Jephte gets out of bed, gets dressed, and leaves for the night. For The Night? Not just a walk around the block? Before he leaves, Shawniece calls out that Jephte should never have signed up for this experiment. You go, girl!

Believe it or not, Molly and Jon agree not to do the exercise. They say this is too much of an invasion of privacy, and they trust each other. So they may not have a physical connection, at least on Molly’s part, but they have trust. I guess it’s something.

Tune in next week when the men have a sit-down with Pastor Calvin and things don’t go well.


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