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YIKES! Details of #SisterWives Star Maddie Brown’s Nightmare Home Birth Exposed! (Video)

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Fans are about to get a front row seat to Maddison Brown Brush’s home birth — an almost common event on TLC series, Sister Wives.

In a sneak peek preview clip, we see the family’s concern grow, as Maddie’s labor stretches on.

“Wow, she’s really going for a long time,” Maddie’s father, Kody Brown says. “It’s been days. I’m hoping that was all like pre-labor. She has discomfort, but she was able to rest. If we get going with real labor, there’ll be a difference I’m pretty sure.”

Janelle fetches Maddie’s “other mom,” Christine, as her daughter climbs into a tub, prepping for active labor. Kody, Janelle and Caleb also have front row seats. Maddie endured a 72-hour ordeal, before birthing baby Axel, last May.

“She looks tired and exhausted, she said she’s okay cause she’s just trying to hold on,” Christine said. “This is a hard stage to be in, I cannot imagine being in labor for hours and only being dilated to a five. She’s taken such good care of herself during the pregnancy, so not to have a fast labor — so hard.”

The Brown family was raked by fans after the family’s last televised birth — Robyn Brown giving birth to Ariella Mae in January, 2016. Shoulder dystocia complicated the delivery, and fans sounded off, blasting the family’s home birth decision.

Watch a snippet of the grisly spectacle above and tune into Sister Wives on Sundays, at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC.


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