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‘Scam Artist!’ #90DayFiance Azan Tefou’s Multiple Girlfriends EXPOSED By His Side Chick! (Video)

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The 90 Day Fiancé stars, Nicole Nafziger and her fiancé, Azan Tefou’s rocky relationship is being put on blasts!

The couple’s issues have been well documented on the TLC reality series but recent rumors about Azan being unfaithful may end their green card love affair for good.

A woman who claims to be one of Azan’s many girlfriends is making some shocking claims about him and Nicole’s relationship.

The woman, 23, is from Spain. According to her, she met Azan on social media in August 2016, the same time Season 4 of the hit TLC reality series premiered in the US. Allegedly, Azan approached the woman in her DMs (Direct Message) on Instagram. While Azan pursued this woman, he told her that he was just using Nicole — just like he uses his other girlfriends.

“The whole relationship is really a joke,” the woman said. “He plans on going over and marrying Nicole, as soon as he can he wants to just divorce her and then bring in his girlfriend from Morocco, bring her over to the states and marry her. Everything about it is just really shady.”

She went on to explain that Azan has multiple side chicks from around the globe including — Russia, Korea, Japan, and England — in addition to, a girlfriend in Morocco.

Supposedly, the mystery woman in the interview provided audio, text messages and photos, as proof of her relationship with the Moroccan reality star. 

These are shocking claims, considering Nicole recently moved from the U.S. to Morocco — intent on marrying Azan. Rumor has it that Azan’s K1-Visa to move to the U.S. was denied. 


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