RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ The Couples Celebrate Their One Month Anniversary!

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News flash! On this week’s episode of Married at First Sight, no fights occur. Can you believe it? Sure fighting brings drama, conflict and tension, but sometimes it’s just nice to see people getting along. The couples are all celebrating their one-month anniversaries – though you know it probably feels like six months. We are warned ahead of time by Pastor Calvin that self-sabotage often creeps up around now, but that doesn’t happen. Fingers crossed for next week. In the meantime, the couples have officially reached the half way point of the experiment.

We begin with Molly and Jon who are still reeling from their fight the night before. The one where Jon shamed Molly for her penchant for threesomes during her college years. Smart thinking of Jon to get Molly flowers for that stupid move. Speaking of white flags, Molly isn’t ready to throw hers in yet, she still wants to try. She suggests they focus on having fun and forgetting about the whole “she’s not that into him” stuff.

Next we join Shawniece who is face-timing with her cousin. Shawniece explains that the reason she folds Jephte’s boxers is because he won’t. Same with cleaning. Probably same with intimacy. Anyway, Shawniece and Jephte will be having dinner and exchanging gifts for their milestone 30-day anniversary.

Elsewhere, Molly and Jaclyn are hanging out so they can drink wine and dish about their roller-coaster of emotions. Jaclyn shows Molly the photo album she’s putting together for Ryan to commemorate the past month. Doing something like this for Jon has never even occurred to Molly. Jaclyn confesses that if things don’t work out between her and Ryan, it’s because of Ryan (end sentence here) and his over-booked schedule. Cheers to hope.

Let’s start the celebrating! Ryan surprises Jaclyn with breakfast in bed and the top of their wedding cake he tried to cut at the reception. Ryan says he would marry Jaclyn all over again. Aww. They exchange gifts. Ryan likes the scrapbook from Jaclyn. His gift to Jaclyn is in a big, wooden box, but inside it’s only a gift card for a couple’s massage. I thought it was going to be a purse. Instead it’s something that Ryan probably wanted for himself. But these two kids are still optimistic they will eventually fall in love someday.

Now it’s Jon and Molly’s turn. They are at a farm, drinking beer, hanging with the goats. So far, so good. Jon jokes they will have six kids someday, but Molly nixes six. Off they go to pick apples when low and behold Molly realizes this is why she got married. To do goofy stuff none of her other friends ever wanted to do. Glad she’s connecting the dots to the many levels of a good relationship. Later, they eat their wedding cake and drink champagne. Molly and Jon film themselves and say they are not giving up. They’ve both got a good buzz working – which is sometimes the nectar to a happy marriage.

Next up, Ryan and Jaclyn are playing indoor soccer for their date. Jaclyn isn’t into soccer, but since Ryan cleared his schedule, they are doing what he likes. Ryan wants to play strip soccer; Jaclyn shuts that down. Instead they will impersonate animals. Jaclyn’s elephant needs work, but Ryan’s T-Rex is not bad. Molly surprises Ryan with a picnic and wine, the way soccer should be played. Jaclyn suggests that next time maybe they could do something she likes. Ryan is still mulling it over.

Onto Jephte and Shawniece who are dining out. Shawniece is all sparkly, but she didn’t follow her cousin’s advice and do something with her hair. They too dine on the top of their cake and then exchange gifts. So what did Shawniece give Jephte? Socks and a shirt. Wow. How romantic. Socks. So what did Jephte give Shawniece? A lovely snow globe with a white couple in it. He said they were sold out of guys with dreads. The inscription reads, “One Month Down, Forever to Go.” But wait, there’s a second gift. It’s a sign that says Mr. & Mrs. Pierre. Shawniece breaks into her ugly cry and Jephte wins the award for best gift-giver ever!

So what do you do with all the apples you get after you go apple picking? You make apple pie! And that’s what Jon and Molly are doing today. They are having a nice time and Jon is super cool about the micro-managing from Molly. The two eat their humble pie in pajamas – with wine – thank goodness for the wine. As long as neither of these two quit drinking, they just might make it. Though they still haven’t made out, yet. Maybe they should switch to Tequila.

It’s another date night for Shawniece and Jephte. They make a very striking couple tonight. Shawniece tells Jephte that everything happens for a reason, and all those crappy guys she went through, that’s all behind her now. Jephte says, How many crappy guys? Shawniece ignores that and says she’s so happy the experts picked them to be together. Then they pick out baby names. Shawniece wants Jackson for a boy and Jephte wants Jephte Jr. or Jephtina if it’s a girl. He can’t wait to be a parent. Jephte mentions the name Laura would be nice because it’s his mother’s and she’s never had a daughter. Shawniece agrees it’s nice. The episode ends with Jephte and Shawniece falling asleep, taking another step closer to falling in love.

But over at Jaclyn’s place, those warm and fuzzy feelings are fading. Jaclyn is upset because Ryan has decided to go out with a buddy tonight. Ryan doesn’t get that all of his free time must be spent with Jaclyn – unless she wants to go out, then it’s okay. But tonight she feels lonely and disappointed, questioning if she’s a priority in the marriage or just an item checked off his bucket list.

Tune in next week on Married at First Sight because trouble is brewing for all the couples once again. Who do you think will go the distance?


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