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‘Little Women Atlanta’ Star Andrea Salinas Drops Adoption News Bombshell! (Video)

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Who’s ready for Little Women: Atlanta drama tonight! 

Tonight’s all-new episode will make heads turn when Andrea Salinas explores the idea of giving her unborn baby up for adoption.


In the shocking clip below, Andrea drops the bombshell news to her sister, Amanda and family friend, Ashley ‘Minnie’ Ross.

“I was just having a moment you know, I have a lot going on. The reason why I have been acting the way I have towards you all, like I have said, is because, you know, I’m not ready to take care of another baby.”

“I think it’s maybe too much for me, and I think it would be in better care with someone else so…I’m thinking of putting up the baby for adoption.”

The news stuns both ladies, and Minnie says, “Are you serious?”

The hot-tempered reality star announced that she was expecting her third child in November with boyfriend, Chris Fernandez. The reality star broke the baby news to her friends and family at a party and not all of her loved ones were happy.

“I’m glad the girls are glad for Chris and I, but just as I thought, my parents don’t look happy,”  Andrea — whose son Andre is 3 and daughter Aubrey is 1 — said in a talking head confessional. 

Andrea and Chris‘ tumultuous relationship has been documented on Lifetime’s hit show for several seasons.

Don’t miss Little Women Atlanta on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Lifetime.


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