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#RHOA Star Kenya Moore & Husband Caught In MAJOR Lie and She Claims Bravo ‘Can’t Fire’ Her!

Kenya Moore

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Kenya Moore announced to the world that she wed ex-Wall Street banker turned restaurateur, Marc Daly, in June but refused to share details on her “husband” — even hiding his name in the days following their June elopement in St. Lucia.

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, 47, and Daly, walked the red carpet together at the Elton John AIDs Foundation Oscars party on Sunday and made some pretty interesting comments. First, they
 gushed about how they fell in love at first sight.

“How could I not know?” Daly dished to ET about learning Moore was “the one.” “Great heart, great person, love at first sight.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star echoed, saying:

“I knew the first day. I remember calling Cynthia [Bailey] from the show, and was like, ‘I just met my husband.’ It was that kind of chemistry.”

Moore’s mystery elopement caused major controversy amongst her RHOA co-stars because no one had met her husband at the time of filming, and they were only together for six months before getting married.

“Honestly, I just laugh at it,” Daly said of the rumor he’s fake. “I know I’m real, and she knows I’m real and that’s all that matters.”

Despite allegations of a fake marriage, Moore has yet to furnish a marriage certificate to prove she’s actually married.

As fans know, by episode two of season 10, the former Miss USA was already crying in her producer’s arms off-camera about how overwhelming the drama surrounding her marriage was. Then later in the season, she lashed out at a producer in a profanity laced outburst, trashing her co-stars in Houston, TX. Both breakdowns were documented on the show but Moore claims that she’s ‘at peace.’

“When you finally are at peace with yourself and you find someone who centers you and who loves you unconditionally and they just bring out the best in you, you want to be a better person for them. And I feel like I want to be a better person for not only myself but for my husband. I think we bring out the best in each other.”

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The opinionated reality diva was also quick to shoot down rumors that she’s been fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“I can’t be fired, so that’s not true,” she dished.

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The couple also teased that Daly will finally make an appearance on the series.

“You may get a sneak peak of [me],” he revealed. “That’s all I’m going to say… I never said that I refused to be on the show.”

They also claim the rumors about Marc refusing to appear on the show are false, despite the fact Moore said it herself in the following footage shot during her outburst in Houston, Texas.

“That’s why Marc don’t wanna be part of this…because every time you turn around and trash his f*cking wife.”

As reportedMarc allegedly refuses to appear on RHOA unless the price is right. 

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It’s no shocker that Moore claims that she has never been under psychiatric care — but it’s hard to believe that she has dodged a shrink’s couch into her 40’s. Kenya keeps her medical history hush-hush, and while she says that she has never taken anti-psychotic meds — there’s no shame in utilizing modern medicine, when the need arises. 

This isn’t Kenya’s first lie. The RHOA star has a history of faking relationships, and her history of telling tall tales has caused much drama among her RHOA co-stars.

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