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Ceaser Meets Sky’s Son Genesis in Highly Emotional #BlackInkCrew Episode! (Video)

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Season 6 of Black Ink Crew has been filled with emotional highs and lows for fan favorite, Jakeita “Sky” Days.

In an upcoming episode, Ceaser takes it upon himself to meet up with Sky’s son, Genesis, and he’s pretty nervous about the whole sit-down.

In the clip below, Ceaser attempts to get his best friend’s son to open up and soften towards his mother over being put up for adoption, but Genesis isn’t ready to embrace forgiveness. 

“I’m on a whole other level right now, bro.” Genesis tells Ceaser, “And unwilling to reconcile with mommy dearest.” 

Ceaser tries to build a bridge between the troubled young man and his mother but Genesis unleashes a floodgate of anger in response.

“It’s one thing to be real,” according to him and being put up for adoption still hurts him. He doesn’t forget what Sky has done and although she tried to “adjust her life,” that’s 15 years too long. He pushes the table aside.

During season five, JaKeita Days aka Sky, dealt with a sensitive issue surrounding giving up her sons for adoption as a struggling teen mom. As a young teen, Sky birthed two sons: one at 13-years old and another, at 14-years old. She explained on the VH1 reality series how she wasn’t capable of providing for them.  

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