#RHOC Kelly Dodd & Vicki Gunvalson’s War Over Ex-Husband Hookup Explodes During Filming Season 13!

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As reported, Kelly Dodd recently went after Vicki Gunvalson and her boyfriend, Steve Lodge, for playing matchmaker.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star introduced Kelly’s ex husband, Michael Dodd, to one of her friends back in December and the two hit it off but Kelly perceived the gesture as Vicki breaking girl code and slammed her co-star.

Vicki, 54, went on record to deny any wrongdoing, citing that the couple were “divorced and have both moved on. Everyone just needs to be happy,” but Kelly is seeing red and not letting Vicki off the hook in a recently filmed scene for the upcoming season.

“Vicki has tried doing everything she can to back pedal on this one, and she insist that she did not purposely try to set Michael up with her and Steve’s mutual friend,” a source close to Dodd said tells Radar“She told Kelly that the hookup happened organically while they were on vacation, and that she didn’t mean to hurt her at all.”

Despite Vicki explaining she’s not to blame and the former couple being divorced, Kelly, 42, views Vicki’s actions as betrayal.

“Kelly obviously thinks that Vicki is full of s**t and so does the rest of the cast. Vicki was supposed to be her friend, and now Kelly just thinks that she is nothing but a backstabbing b****h.”

“But Kelly is moving on from this and is not going to waste any more time worrying about her ex-husband — and ex-friend!”

On the other hand, the OG of the OC is not sweating the friendship fallout and not begging for her friend back.

“Vicki isn’t even trying to kiss Kelly’s a** at this point because she really believes that she did not do anything wrong,” a source close to Gunvalson says.

“Vicki honestly likes Michael, and she cannot change the fact that Michael and Steve are close friends now. Kelly knows that the two are friends, so for her to try and put the blame on Vicki is just complete crap!”

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