#RHOBH RECAP: Kyle Richards Tries to Drive Wedge Between Lisa Vanderpump & Dorit!

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We join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Manhattan — the cast in NYC for Fashion Week. We join Camille and her daughter, Mason, who is prepping to walk in a show, her excited mother by her side. The designer congratulates the teen before Bravo skips us over to the other ladies, who are heading to the big event. Dorit is delivering a mean silent treatment, and the vibe is tense in the aftermath of the previous evening’s upset. Lisa, Kyle and Dorit are at odds, so Dorit plants herself between Erika and Rinna, as the ladies take their front row seats. Mason rocks the runway, and looks fierce. The ladies cheer on the budding model, and Camille is a proud mommy. Kyle’s store event is next on the agenda and Rinna is going nuts,  because for once, she’s on the outside the cast drama.   

We next sit in on a debriefing between Erika and Mikey, while the pro styles his client dumpster chic. Meanwhile, Kyle is intensely debating a haircut — about two decades late. Rinna pops in, and because she’s out of the loop, she’s dying for Kyle to spill the tea. Kyle explains the cab ride controversy, while her stylist crafts a fresh, fake hairstyle. Kyle declares that the ladies are not speaking, and she is smack in the middle of the manufactured muck. Rinna grabs the chance to diss Lisa to a willing listener, while analyzing the dynamic of the high-maintenance friendship. Kyle and Lisa’s relationship is dubbed “weird” — and Rinna is loving that the freak show is being exposed. Rinna notes that Lisa shifted her “lovey lovey lovey” from Kyle to Dorit — and all hell is breaking loose. Rinna labels the conundrum a “friendship threesome” — and a doomed one.

We hop to Dorit, who is being styled in kitschy vampire fashion, hoping that the ladies will get her bloody/moody hint. We check in with Teddi, who is getting ready through exhaustion, worn out from keeping up with the bicoastal cast chaos. Dorit seeks out Lisa for a pre-event chat, and Lisa busts her for being a dodgy blabbermouth. Dorit denies her words, and the pair swaps analysis about Kyle’s relational eccentricities. Lisa gently drops that her friendship with Dorit is based on her relationship with PK, and while Dorit is less than thrilled, she reassures Lisa of her loyalty. Dorit points out that Kyle was a willing gossiper, and Lisa is not surprised. They agree to have each other’s backs, no matter what flies out of Dorit’s mouth.

Kyle and Teddi are on their way to the trunk show event, and Kyle is gloomy because Lisa isn’t by her side. The pair makes their entrance, and we meet the featured designers. The other ladies are on their way, and give kudos to Erika and Dorit, for being slaves to hair, fashion, and tacky costumes. Back at the store, Kyle’s token social media star appears and is followed by Bethenny, who’s grabbing her chance at a “Housewives” crossover. Group 2 arrives, and the ladies mingle and shop for psychedelic caftans. Kyle busts Lisa for being late, and rather obsessed with Dorit. Bethenny backs her pal, side-eyeing Lisa for daring to offer to ride home without her beloved. Lisa warns Bethenny to watch her big mouth, and Bethenny is briefly taken aback.

Lisa shades Kyle’s jealous game, and shuts Bethenny down, when she tries to butt her RHONY beak into the debate. Lisa’s snark doesn’t go over big, and Bethenny gets pissy over being labeled shady. Bethenny assures them that she never lies in her home state — continuing to obnoxiously interject her opinion into Kyle and Lisa’s issues. Lisa’s weak apology to Kyle falls flat, but Kyle doesn’t care, because Bravo’s meanest skinny dog is snarling in her defense.

The ladies gush over an array of gaudy fake furs, and Lisa decides to buy a red one — ripping the Elmo number out of Dorit’s clutches. The ladies mingle and chitchat, and Kyle continues to drone on and on about Lisa’s lovey-lovey-whammy. Rinna cheers her on — high-fiving a halt to all Vanderpump ass-kissing. Kyle confronts Dorit about the brouhaha, and the duo tries to hash it out, but mostly talk past each other. Lisa can’t wait to bolt, exhausted by Kyle’s cryptic neediness. Dorit admits that the trip was a disaster.

The ladies are back in the 90210, and have resumed parenting, as well as all beauty procedures. We sit in on a visit between Lisa and Teddi, and learn  that Lisa is planning the next cast crap-fest — a birthday lunch. Teddi believes that Dorit is dodging her own shady blurts — staunchly defending the always punctual Kyle. Teddi wants Lisa to kiss up to Kyle, and apologize. Lisa agrees to meet with Kyle, to acknowledge that she may have dozed off during the drama in question.

Over at the Hamlins, we meet the new puppy, who has slipped nicely into the family slot vacated by Delilah. Delilah is settled in NYC, and the whole family relates to being alone and weepy. Harry and Lisa drag on about the challenges of parenting two success stories, and the filler scene is a snoozer.

The show wraps with Lisa and Kyle’s tense dinner date. The duo agrees that the NYC trip was a hot mess, before Lisa spills that she has to keep things cool with Dorit, because of her relationship with PK.

The pair debates boingy friendship standards, and Lisa points out that Dorit gets more of a pass, due to the brevity of their relationship. Lisa sincerely apologizes for whatever, and Kyle is half-happy. The usual.

Next week, the ladies celebrate Lisa’s birthday, in the shade of everything Dorit. 


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