RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ Jephte & Shawniece’s Romance Heats Up; Molly & Jon Fall Apart!

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Strap on your open mind because tonight on Married at First Sight it’s all about indulging in the couple’s fantasies. We begin with Shawniece and Jephte. Although the two have only had sex once, Shawniece is ready to take things to the next level. She has purchased some new lingerie and can’t wait to show it to Jephte, whose official take on lingerie is: he doesn’t hate it, but he doesn’t care for it because it will come off anyway. Of course, Jephte then asks Shawniece to try some on. Mmm-hmm. We see how you are, JephteShawniece tells him no. Yay! She’s gonna keep him waiting while they talk about his fantasies. No shocker, Jephte doesn’t have any. Shawniece’s fantasy is easy. Three dozen roses, go out to dinner, have sex at home. That’s not really a fantasy — more of a Saturday night, but at least it’s easy for Jephte. Shawniece then tells Jephte she’s taken stripper pole lessons and now he wants to install a pole in the house — Jephte likes the idea, as long as the pole is gold!

Next up, Jaclyn and Ryan are boating with friends. He announces plans to build a house someday on the lake, and Jaclyn is like — say what? Ryan already works all the time. The guys go tubing and look like their cuddling, while the girls have a heart to heart. Jaclyn explains that Ryan is super busy between his construction job, his fireman job, and his gaming non-job, and they don’t spend a lot of time together. Her friend gives her the clichéd advice: these things take time and it’s important to compromise, but not the advice Jaclyn really needs which is, Find your voice and use it!

Two of the couples are bowling tonight. The pins are skinny and the balls are small, but Molly, Jon, Shawniece and Jephte are having fun without Jaclyn and Ryan. Molly drags Shawniece off to the side to discuss her frigidity. Molly says she has no timeline on physical intimacy, but it’s worth noting the MFS experiment ends in five weeks. Shawniece is like…damn, girl, glad I’m not you. But Molly has an idea and needs Shawniece’s help. It involves getting a red wig. The two women giggle loudly over the plan to get a red wig and help the couple get their groove on.

It’s stripper time! Shawniece is dressed like a naughty firewoman and has placed a gold stripper pole in the kitchen. In the kitchen? She twerks, spins, collect’s some benjamins and accidentally smacks her booty on the ground. The good news is, Jephte would have been horrified if Shawniece was any good at pole dancing. But he’s super-turned on. He picks Shawniece up and carries her to the bedroom caveman style.

Ryan and Jaclyn finally have alone time together. They are in bed and Jaclyn chooses this precious time together to complain about the precious time they don’t have together. Ryan explains that this is the lifestyle he chose for himself – 8 years ago – and she needs to accept it. Jaclyn says her idea of marriage is when two people actually spend time together. Ryan isn’t above making sacrifices, but not right now because he’s too busy. But soon he hopes to schedule falling passionately in love with each other on his calendar. Jaclyn decides to drop the subject for now.

Jon is desperate. He’s decided to surprise Molly with a night of romance and puts on a suit. I mean, since it’s just hanging around in the closet, doing nothing, might as well put it on, right? But Jon has also lit some candles, uncorked the wine, and made dinner. Molly loves it. After dinner she notices that Jon has shaved. He recommends they make out in the next 15 minutes before his stubble grows back. Molly changes the subject and says she has a surprise for Jon, too.

Meet Rebecca. Jon bursts into laughter when he sees Molly in a red wig. Not sure that’s the reaction she was looking for, but they go with it. He asks Molly to describe her top fantasy. Molly says she’s living it. (cough, bullshit) Jon tells us privately that he’s never been shot down in his suit. Spoiler alert: streak is over! Jon carries Rebecca to the bedroom and shuts the door behind them.

It’s now time for Shawniece’s night of romance. Jephte surprises her with three dozen white roses and tells her they are going roller skating. They’ve got Boogie Fever as they skate around the roller rink like above-average skaters. This night was absolutely magical for Shawniece and I’m genuinely happy for her.

So it’s official, Molly and Jon didn’t hook up after their fantasy night. Molly pulled the, “I’m tired,” card and Jon is fed up. He tells Molly he’s tired of the mixed signals and suggests she’s driving her own unhappiness. Molly is like, Hey, it’s not my fault I’m not physically attracted to you. Ouch! Molly explains she wants to keep trying and who knows, maybe in five weeks she’ll be into him. Jon explains if they were going to make out by now, they would have done it. They are backtracking. Molly says she can’t help it. But Jon knows something about Molly and uses it against her. Back in the day, Molly picked up a random stranger at a bar and had a three-some with him and her friend. Molly considers this to be below the belt, announces she’s done and tells Jon to f*ck off. He leaves the bedroom to go sleep on the couch, dreaming about the job quit.

Whew! That was intense. Luckily Ryan has something lighter in mind for Jaclyn. He carries her into the apartment where rose petals are strewn about, pours champagne, and comes back into the room dressed as the construction guy from the Village People. And Jacklyn is totally into his tool belt. Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

Tune in next week when the couples celebrate their one month anniversaries – even Jon and Molly.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Lifetime.


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