RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ The Couples Spend Time With Their In-laws and Friends!

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After a one week break, Married at First Sight is back! This week the in-laws and friends are checking in and passing judgment on the unions, but first, we resume with Shawniece and Jephte, still struggling with their emotions in the bedroom of their new home. But wait! Jephte pulls a cool move. He tells Shawniece to look in one of the boxes where he’s placed a red rose and an apologetic Hallmark card – which is way better than getting a We’re-getting-a-divorce card. But is it too little, too late for Jephte? Apparently not. At this point Shawniece will accept any breadcrumbs of attention.

Over at Molly and Jon’s, they’ve just spent their first night in the new place, and the question on everyone’s mind – did they do the deed? No they did not! The sexually ambiguous duo are planning their first family get together and will order sesame chicken instead of making a home cooked meal. Molly is still very pleased with the “experts” for placing them together, even though she doesn’t act like it.

Pastor Calvin stops by Ryan and Jaclyn’s apartment for a visit. The couple had a big fight the night before over whether or not Jaclyn is ready for this relationship. Jaclyn says she’s overwhelmed, but doesn’t feel as if she’s going backwards. The Pastor speaks to Jaclyn by herself and asks what precipitated the fight. Her dead boyfriend. Jaclyn says Ryan thinks she’s comparing the two. Jaclyn says she’s not. She explains that when she lost the “love of her life” (bingo!) it was traumatic, but she’s ready to move forward.

The Pastor explains that a big part of marriage is accepting your partner’s past. Granted, most times you’ve had more time to accept their pasts, but Jaclyn says she’s totally committed to Ryan and this marriage. Ryan rejoins the conversation and they are told by the Pastor to keep the respect in place and things will be great because they are a great match, selected by great experts.

It’s now time for the couples to entertain friends and family. Ryan and Jaclyn have invited their parents and Ryan’s sister. Jaclyn says that it’s a good thing she’s been hurt by Ryan, it means she gives a damn. Just keep telling yourself that, hon. Ryan sits down with Jaclyn’s mom for some nuggets of advice. She doesn’t really give any other than to say they like and accept him fully. Jaclyn does the same with Ryan’s peeps and they say to listen carefully and communicate. They too want this to work out so they’re no longer pitied by their friends.

Jon and Molly have invited friends over to dinner who are very intrusive with their questions. Like, what happened on their wedding night? If it’s any of your business, not a damn thing. Jon and Molly concede they are in the friend zone. Their guests notice Molly and Jon aren’t touchy-feely the way normal newlyweds should be. Hello! These two got married as strangers on a reality show. There is no normal. Molly’s friends ask Jon if there any boxes that Molly doesn’t check for him. (Besides not having sex.) Jon says he has a thing for redheads, but Molly said no to coloring her hair. Get a job and maybe she will.

There is something different about Shawniece and it’s not her long ponytail. Girl is glowing! Guess what? She and Jephte finally did THE DEED! Can I get an amen! Jephte’s friends ask how things went after that awkward lap dance at the ceremony. Jephte said all along his plan was to make Shawniece wait. In fact he is proud they didn’t have sex in Jamaica, said nobody ever. In a different room, Shawniece’s girls get right to the point – are they doing the dirty or not? YES! Shawniece proudly screams. Her friends want details about the size of his boat, but Shawniece ain’t sharing whether it’s a yacht or a dingy. From the look on her face, it’s just right.

Next, the guys meet separately to catch up. Jon and Ryan are at the basketball court first, then Jephte strolls in later. Jephte updates the boys on the good news about his sex life. Unfortunately, this makes Jon feel worse. So he rants about Molly and her mixed messages. She won’t do anything “relationshippy.” The good news is Jon and Ryan are building intimacy in their friendship, so there’s that.

Now it’s time for the girls to meet up over wine. Shawniece says things are great, but things aren’t so great for Molly. She explains she’s not comfortable physically with Jon and wants to take a step back. Uh-oh. That’s the kiss of death (without the kiss). The girls agree they need to set their own rules because their situation is so unusual. Shawniece tears up as she announces they are now part of consummation nation and she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with Jephte. Molly feels somewhat hopeful that things can change, but mostly she feels alone.

Dr. Jessica stops by Jon and Molly’s place and meets with them separately. She instantly picks up on Jon’s exhaustion of making no progress with Molly and that he’s close to shut-down mode. Jon says he’s bummed they haven’t even made out yet. Dr. Jessica asks Jon not to lose sight of why he signed up for this. She gives an example of quitting the gym after not seeing results on the first day.  The thing is, Jon’s been “at the gym” for 16 days now and still hasn’t seen results.

Next, Dr. Jessica meets with a pouty Molly. Molly acknowledges that she’s the one holding back and Jon is doing everything right. Molly can’t take the self-imposed pressure. When Dr. Jessica meets with them together, she instructs the couple to have an honest talk. Bottom line: Jon feels rejected and Molly feels guilty. Dr. Jessica encourages them to go all in, that way if it doesn’t work out, at least they can say they did everything they could. It’s true! My fortune cookie last week said the same thing.

Before the end of the show we see Ryan and Jaclyn play the fishbowl question game. Things seem to be going well. They are touching and smiling in bed. The first question is “tell your favorite physical feature about your partner.” Jaclyn says she loves Ryan’s eyes and Ryan says he loves Jaclyn’s sexy lips, smile and butt. The next question is “what part of the body do you like touched the most?” Jaclyn points to her back so Ryan gives her a massage. Jaclyn confirms she’s attracted to Jon and hopes this will grow to a deeper love. Translation: she loves Ryan but she’s not in love with Ryan.

Tune in next time when the couples reveal their fantasies and Molly and Jon curse each other out.


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