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Blind Item: Shady Reality Diva Cheated and Faked Her Wedding! (Exclusive)

Becca is a Senior Editor for All About The Tea. She's a coastal girl who loves the outdoors, and writing about the sneaky and silly side of reality TV. Her bio is short, but her snark is endless. She loves writing for the sharpest posters in the world.

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*All About the Tea Exclusive*

A reality star boasts a wedding ring — but her “husband” doesn’t know that he once shared her with another man.

The reality diva was keeping things hot with an old flame — but abruptly cried foul and tossed him out, choosing pretense over passion.

The reality queen was thirsty for a rock — so her beau agreed to tie a faux knot, if she agreed to keep their romance under the radar.

Her groom didn’t know that he was playing with media fire — and that the shady diva couldn’t wait to play wife in the public eye.

The old flame was slapped and discarded — kicked out of bed by a woman intent on selling a fake marriage to the masses.   

Name the reality star, the old flame, beau/groom and reality show.

Reality star:

Old flame:


Reality show:


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