Blind Item: Shady Reality Diva Cheated and Faked Her Wedding! (Exclusive)

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*All About the Tea Exclusive*

A reality star boasts a wedding ring — but her “husband” doesn’t know that he once shared her with another man.

The reality diva was keeping things hot with an old flame — but abruptly cried foul and tossed him out, choosing pretense over passion.

The reality queen was thirsty for a rock — so her beau agreed to tie a faux knot, if she agreed to keep their romance under the radar.

Her groom didn’t know that he was playing with media fire — and that the shady diva couldn’t wait to play wife in the public eye.

The old flame was slapped and discarded — kicked out of bed by a woman intent on selling a fake marriage to the masses.   

Name the reality star, the old flame, beau/groom and reality show.

Reality star:

Old flame:


Reality show:


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