#RHOA RECAP: NeNe Leakes RIPS Kim Zolciak From Barcelona Over Roach Infested Home Diss!

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Just when you thought Kim Zolciak-Biermann couldn’t stoop any lower, she outdoes herself. On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, while the ladies dined in Barcelona, they received a video from octomom Kim, of (roaches?) crawling around NeNe Leakes‘ bathroom. The video was captured by Kim’s daughter Brielle during NeNe’s white party and all hell breaks loose!

During the van ride from the airport, Cynthia announces that she’s prepared a “50 Cent Bucket List Challenge” for all the girls to try something out of the box to enhance their Barcelona experience. Challenges include pinch a man’s butt, take a shot with a stranger, eat a foreign delicacy, and swap personalities for a day. NeNe does her best Kandi Burruss impression and nails it — everyone cracks up. Marlo Hampton then cracks a joke about Kandi’s “dry” personality and suggests the sex toy mogul take one of Marlo’s etiquette classes. Kandi doesn’t find Marlo’s suggestion the least bit helpful and snaps on Marlo (Marlo check my charges) for teaching etiquette classes. Oh the irony!

Shamea Morton asks about missing divas — Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak’s whereabouts, which prompts NeNe to shade Kim for missing yet another cast trip. NeNe launches into all the medical excuses Kim has claimed over the years. “Cancer, thyroids, blood clot, stroke, open heart surgery and is still walking around her being negative,” Leakes says about Zolciak. “Bionic Barbie! She’s had every illness in the world and she says, ‘My life is so happy.’ B*tch I can’t tell.”

The ladies go to lunch because they’re too early to check into their Airbnb. They all sit down to a lovely lunch buffet and NeNe tries to count an anchovy as a foreign delicacy. An excited Kandi announces that NeNe will be going on tour with her and Xscape. Shamea chimes in to drop a bomb about the cast newcomer — Shamea tries to be friendly with Eva Marcille by asking her if she’s ever hooked up with a woman and if she dated, rapper Missy Elliott!

Eva and the other ladies are shocked. This circle of ladies are fascinated by outing gay relationships, who cares?!?

Kandi attempts to lighten the mood by saying that sleeping with Cynthia might be a good idea because Cynthia would defend Kandi the way she defended Will. I can’t with this group sometimes. The convo then switches to Cynthia Bailey’s cheating boo, Will JonesCynthia is UBER defensive about the gossip surrounding, Will and even insults Eva and Porsha Williams for suggesting her man has a side chick. 

The ladies try to gently pry open Cynthia’s eyes, since they’ve all heard things about her boyfriend but Cynthia is adamant that Will does NOT have a girlfriend. NeNe asks if it’s even remotely possible that Will is lying but Cynthia shuts her down too. 

The ladies head to the villa after a little sightseeing and there’s a mad dash for the best rooms. Cynthia’s booked a dump and the ladies complain about their 2 star accommodations. Kandi snags the best room on the top floor, equipped with her own bathroom — much to the disappointment of the elder in the group NeNe, who thinks she and Cynthia deserve the best room because they are the “mature” girls. Before the group heads out to dinner, NeNe gathers all the ladies to suggest a change in room assignments. “So we were just talking a few minutes ago and we feel like…the more mature girls, Cynthia and I…we feel like we should go up… to the very top floor, which is where Shamea and Kandi are.” NeNe’s suggestion seems reasonable, but Kandi rudely shoots her down, “NO….I’m not going for that. I’m not moving,” she bluntly tells NeNe.

The bone carrier Sheree Whitfield, Porsha and Shamea all call Kim on the phone before heading out to dinner to spread gossip about NeNe’s shade during the van ride. Porsha says: “I didn’t know that you were a cancer survivor, and I was going to say that’s wonderful and a blessing because cancer runs in my family.” Kim denies ever having cancer and starts trashing her former pal, “She’s f*cking scum and I won’t even acknowledge it.”

Although Kim skipped the trip, Marlo made sure her presence was felt with a tiara and blonde wig at the group dinner. The ladies partake in some obscene convo about d*ck sucking and licking balls but the main attraction for the night happens when Kim sends everyone (except NeNe) a group text about NeNe’s “roach” infested house.

“NeNe is sick and disgusting,” she writes. “And I’m not just speaking on the fact that she made fun of a serious health issue I had. But I’m also speaking on the fact that she lives in a f**king roach nest. For someone that has two beautiful kids and an amazing husband, she should be worried about karma. But this is coming from the same person who takes handicap spots from a handicap person.”

NeNe is clearly embarrassed and loses her sh*t! She goes OFF, “F**ck Kim, ok? None of y’all can step in my house and say a motherf***ing thing. Everything is brand new. F**k Kim.”

In a talking head confessional, NeNe says. “I can’t believe Kim said I have roaches inside my house. I’m sure she’s got worms in her ass. Worms honey. She’s a trashy, no-good b*tch, she’s always been trash, and she’s gon’ always be trash.”

As the dinner from hell winds down, the camera spans over to the wig on the table.

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