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Watch #SisterWives Meri Brown’s Awkward Meeting With Mariah’s Lesbian Girlfriend! (Video)

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Mariah Brown will steal the Sister Wives spotlight tonight — and her girlfriend, Audrey Kriss, will make her TLC debut.

Mariah came out as a lesbian at the end of last season, and Audrey is her first official love interest, since she dropped the L-bomb on her plural family.

This week, the TLC ladies prepare to take Washington DC by storm — but not before Mariah’s girlfriend is introduced to the Brown gang.

In a preview clip below of tonight’s episode, Meri is proclaimed “annoying,” after she pushes her daughter to let her in on the big reveal, before the family floods into her home.

takes the news like a champ, but notes, “If it wasn’t for her friends, she probably still wouldn’t have ever told me.”

The announcement is greeted by lots of awkward giggles — before Mariah shares that Audrey is only her second dip in any dating pond.

Watch Sister Wives tonight, at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC.


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