#RHOA RECAP: Porsha Williams Tells Cynthia Bailey Will Is Using Her!

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Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicks off with a barefoot Cynthia Bailey outside of Kandi Burruss’ Essence party, where all the drama is going down! Cynthia’s approached by Porsha Williams, who spills more tea on Cynthia’s new “opportunist” boyfriend, WillPorsha gently breaks the bad news to Cynthia — she’s heard that Will is a user, who’s only in the relationship for fame. Cynthia can barely contain herself in the moment, and the tears flow down her face. Cynthia takes heed and confronts Will during their ride home, he shrugs off the allegations and plays victim, “What opportunity am I gonna get?” This guy can’t be serious.

The day after the storm, Mama Joyce meets with Porsha to rehash the infamous sex/drug lie created by Phaedra Parks about her daughter, KandiJoyce is pissed with Porsha for her part in spreading the lie. Mama Joyce grills Porsha — she wants to know how Porsha could believe such ridiculous untruths. Porsha stands firm in her belief that she trusted Esquire Parks, because she’s a lawyer. Surprisingly, Joyce is sympathetic to a pitiful remorseful Porsha and the two hug it out, leaving Porsha with hope for a future reconciliation with Kandi. Dream on Underground Railroad Porsha.

NeNe Leakes invites Cynthia for lunch the next day. She’s feeling slighted after Kenya Moore bulldozed breaking the Will rumors to Cynthia at the party. NeNe cautions her friend to be vigilant when it comes to her new man because according to NeNe, all men are trashy liars. Cynthia decides the best way to deal with the situation is to organize a girls’ trip to Barcelona. All the girls are invited, including NeNe’s friend, Eva Marcille, Kim Zolciak and Marlo Hampton. NeNe jokingly assigns everyone Spanish names — except for Kim, she’ll keep her American nickname — “Dumb Dumb with a Wig.”

Since producers did not invite Kenya to Barcelona amid her mystery husband, she sets up a fake scene at a fertility clinic and her cousin tags along. Kenya heads to the doctor when her cousin arrives. Her cousin doesn’t even know what they’re doing there but plays along. Kenya claims to be six weeks late, and insists that she and her husband are banging twice a day, even though they live in separate states. Miss Twirl does urine and blood tests, and logically the tests results are inconclusive.

Meanwhile, Cynthia and her ex Peter Thomas meet for lunch after their awkward reunion at Kandi’s Essence event. Peter avoided greeting his ex-wife at the gathering because she was with her new man, Will. The two laugh, flirt and chat effortlessly, while they dine on sushi. Cynthia’s actually blushing as she seeks advice from Peter about her rumored “opportunist” boyfriend. Peter advises her to stop stressing but be open to what her friends are telling her about Will. There is no denying that Cynthia is not 100% over Uncle Ben Peter and wants to keep their relationship fluid just in case things don’t work out with Will.

Porsha is hosting a “No Beef” vegan dinner, which is doubling as a dinner to celebrate integrating herself back into the group after the mess she created with Phaedra. But the women (Kandi, Kenya and NeNe) that she has the most beef with, all declined to attend. Shamea Morton, Sheree Whitfield, Marlo and Kim start off the night with shots and hookah, plus gossip about Cynthia and Will. As they discuss how clueless Cynthia is, she strolls through the door, and they all abruptly shut their traps. Once Cynthia sits down, Marlo questions her about the “Will has a girlfriend” rumor and Shamea wants to know if Peter’s presence was uncomfortable. They all conclude what many of us already know — Cynthia is still in love with Peter!

The convo shifts as Marlo bellows out a loud burp — Cynthia announces her plans for the girls’ trip and Kim immediately demands that her UBER driver husband Kroy accompany her, despite it being an all “girls trip.” She doesn’t want to take a 10-hour flight without the support of her husband…blah blah blah. But Marlo and the others are not buying Kim’s medical excuses and strongly push back on Kroy’s invite to Barcelona. 

As NeNe packs for the trip, her husband Gregg spills some wine while watching his wife pack. Porsha and Sheree ride to the airport together and find out that Kim is not coming. NeNe and Cynthia share an UBER to the airport and they discuss Kenya’s absence on the girl’s trip. Naturally, Kim won’t be making the trip since she can’t bear to be with these women without Kroy.


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