PHOTOS — Tyler Baltierra’s Filthy Home Exposed While Catelynn Is In Rehab!

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Tyler Baltierra has been holding down the fort while his wife and Teen Mom OG co-star, Catelynn Lowell, is completing a third stint in rehab — but the picture is a messy one.

Catelynn has been tackling depression issues for months — and Tyler is clearly feeling the pressure. 

Tyler gave fans a recent realtime peek inside his house — offering a glimpse into his routine, as a solo parent. Tyler posted a snapchat video while cooking dinner for his daughter, Nova, 3, and revealed a living room littered with toys, empty boxes, and random debris.

“I’ve been working all day, and of course my kid has been up here running rampant like a wild child,” Tyler said. “Look at my living room! I know what I’ll be doing when this kid goes to bed.”

Tyler, 26, posted a shot of his workspace, where he prepares orders from his children’s clothing line for shipment — and the floor was littered with trash.

Tyler shared a post-cleaning vid, but admitted that the improved look was only a facade.

“You know you’re a parent when you feel it’s clean even though there’s just kids’ toys randomly in spots that they usually don’t go in,” Tyler confessed. “It’s not really clean because you’re just putting that over there and this toy over there.”

This isn’t the first time the MTV duo’s sloppy habits have been exposed. A filmed breakfast in bed surprise revealed the couple’s littered bedroom, and more alarmingly, bare fan blades whirring only inches from their toddler daughter. MTV cameras later captured little Nova picking up her own poop off the floor — inviting waves of backlash from concerned fans.

has admitted to his own emotional issues — and has been sharing snippets of his struggle on social media.

Do you believe that Tyler and Catelynn will come out the other side — or will the reality couple’s story only get messier?

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